So I made that video 3 days ago and
FINALLY after 8th upload attempt the stupid video
is on YouTube. The last 7 tries they all got uploaded
but the status: failed

Whatever. so now the video is up because I changed the
format from .avi to .mpeg and it worked come on
whats the logic man ? \o.O/

anyway~ here it is. make sure you watch it in high quality ! =D


I said watch it in HIGH Quality that means dont
watch it from this blog xO

ty :]


6 Responses to NoobTube

  1. Zen says:

    Oops. I watched it, then read further. My bad. x3

    On Titan, who was the one screaming ‘Mommy!’ ? Was it Josh?! :O

    no that was my brother David :p
    how’s MS Zen? like the 11 WG ? xD

  2. Zen says:

    Oh, is good, is good. Getting my helm hopefully Tuesday, (Nostalgia keeps bumping me over), and I’m in for Tespia on Tuesday also. ^o^

    HOOOOOOOOOO Tespia! Congrats Zen =)

  3. Zen says:

    Hey Hey Hey, do they IP block Tespia in Hong Kong? :O

  4. Jackovitch says:

    lol as i posted on youtube….

    i like the video i wish we had things like that…. lol i still find it funny that your blog is about maple and randomness!

  5. OxNumber2xO says:


  6. akumeiji says:

    Hey Josh you sure are lucky! You know, they’re releasing the 3G iPhone in Hong Kong but not in China! How does that work out o_O everyone from China is going to go to Hong Kong just to get that thing. Maybe you’ll get one too, because now the 8Gb version is only $199!!!! That’s 200 dollars cheaper, plus it’s 3G with GPS. If you get one, you won’t get lost in Hong Kong xD.

    I dont have a cell phone so i need to get one..
    who knows, i might get it, or i’ll just get a simple cell phone that can just make phone calls
    im not too demanding. i just want a good computer >_<

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