SW.net has GONE down hill

what did I say 3 months ago?


9 Responses to SW.net has GONE down hill

  1. Congee says:

    You said you were about a year late on the news of sw going downhill, cause it was known to happen when it was sold last year. =]

    I am also offended at your other post about me! I wasn’t helping FMS atm. He made the thread with the questions because I visited him in pinems (the private server he helps) irc and caught him in there helping them.


  2. akumeiji says:

    So… how’s your video going? The “…” in the top right corner isn’t very informative xD

    Im getting a new laptop as soon as I find a good deal
    but… i’ve been training hard in FMS…lvl 143 #1 Sniper atm lol
    that video gotta come out eventually =/

  3. akumeiji says:

    What’s your price range? I’ll find one for ya :d I’m good at finding these things xD

    really ? :O
    I tried to look around but got little result :.<

  4. Goggyfour says:

    I got banned for spamming D:

    SW has really gone downhill if people are resorting to spamming!

  5. Jackk says:

    SW’s been going downhill for a while. I only post in the archer section as I enjoy helping people there (though it might not look it at times from the way I flame them at times… incidently Im good at staying away from warns unlike a certain someone *couogh G4 cough*)

    psst, G4, you should really join SouthPerry too!

  6. Ray.mond says:

    What did I say since…. wait….

    haha Ray ❤

  7. Yeaaaa…… well, its been a long time in the working…. but SW is yea, pretty gone now. 😦

  8. Chrisly says:

    Wow. I’ve read all the things related to sleepy on this blog and.. yeah I’m shocked. I never thought Sean would go that low.. Altho the DDOS things, I knew that was fake. Thank you for sharing that Information. Before reading this, I had wanted to go join sleepywood again.

    I don’t mean to attack. SW has been a great place and it still is.
    I was just angered by some of the things he did and I thought
    people should know about them.

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