Straight up scrolling

just thought i’d post it here~

Found a Dark Crow, scrolled with 2 30% scrolls,
failed, failed.

It’s not gonna be a good xbow, screw it.

* uses 10% Crossbow scroll

and it worked. lol >_>


still. that doesn’t redeem this crappy scrolling, sooooo
i went off with 30% xbow scrolls

serves you right, sucker >:p



Gonna hunt Dual Birks for Neschere.
(not really satisfied with 109 att Neschere, you know ? )

ps. hey man i rather do bait scrolling but i had no scrolls :<


3 Responses to Straight up scrolling

  1. akumeiji says:

    Errr aren’t you a bowman? o.o why do you need crossbows?

    oh because im in Hong Kong and they won’t let you play GMS so you can try play HKMS
    but i dont get down like that so I am playing Private server and im going for sniper you know to
    know both ways of the archer 😀

    ayo man, I replied your last comment, I would LOVE to have your professional opinion and recommend me some laptop. my budget is around 900$. no less, maybe a little more. no more than $1000 for sure.

  2. Jackk says:

    You Damn stat whore D:

    kidding. Enjoy your time in Hong Kong

    Why are there more pics of you on SouthPerry than there are on your blog?!?!

    what? where did i post my pics on ? o_O

  3. Zen says:

    Careful not to get banned there Mr. Oh-So-Original-Name. Luls. Catch me up in five weeks when I get back from New Hampshire. Long time away from home. T-T


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