MS Make-over from a high school girl

While my private-server  Sniper got blocked from logging in
just like the rest of the crossbowman
due to unknown bug for the last 7 days,
I’ve been playing this Priest for the last 3 days

This is my character; jelly-o-Priest with default hair and default eyes.
I thought the appearance looks decent enough (at least all color matches)



But when my friend, Melody, a lvl 1xx Priest saw my character,
She demanded to give me a make-over.


Mel lives in Hong Kong too. Forgot HOW we met in MS
but we’ve been buddies before Crossbowman’s bug.
Anyway, so this girl is gonna give my character a make over.

I thought “sure, why not. Let’s see what she can come up with”

and decided to play along all the way

*pic from Picture thread from our MS forum.


She took me to Ludi’s shop for face change and hair color change.
Then we went to NLC for Wind hair cut, as she told me to.

My initial thought is “oh gosh this is gay. what has she done D:”


Then she dropped lots of CS items for me to try on.
After numerous tries:

it was gay in the first place…


A new haircut, a face makeover to some kiddie boy face,
putting some NX items; I thought we are done.

lol wrong








I never thought eye color was a big deal.
I still think that way.
Well. She has her own reason


Anyway. So this is my make-over.
I’m not a huge fasion-orientated person;
I’m satisfied as long as the clothes are comfortable and look good, u know?


well, the next day I looked at my Priest and I told her
“hey you know what this char looks pretty good”



In the end, though, I picked this look:


13 Responses to MS Make-over from a high school girl

  1. shyMAYHEM says:

    Aww, a bowman glitch?
    Nice makeover on B0WJOB though ~_~

    that’s if i DO follow what she ‘suggested’
    that’s why when she said
    “when your B0WJOB is back i’ll do a makeover’
    I ran away AS FAST AS I COULD

  2. GodofTurtles says:

    LOL even J.J. in the 6th ss from the top was f3ing you =D

    wah D:

  3. akumeiji says:

    btw Josh Vista ran smoooth on my 2GB 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 duo dell vostro and that was 500 dollars so… 900 dollars is great compared to that xD. Ima send you the specs on the next comment.

  4. akumeiji says:

    Josh visit my blog I made a post with all your specs cause I couldn’t fit it here :O

  5. lol….. B0WJOB looks funny 😛 What PS do you play in? I’ve started playing in them too lately…..

    the PS i play is not opened for registering 😦

  6. Jackk says:

    LOL Josh… all that change… just to be covered up, haha.

    And I see Im not the only one who lets friends pick out my nx look xD

    haha =p

  7. Zy says:

    Lmao Josh. xD

  8. iherol says:

    yo b0wjob i was wondering whether u can add my website as links and so on. i hope u read my blogs. its about
    private servers. wait till i show u my night lord hit 99999 att

    99999 att dang
    Solo Horntail in 15 minutes? 😛
    website added

  9. akumeiji says:

    lol np Josh and 17″ laptops are BIG and CHUNKY o_O. Well at least, the PC laptops were. The MacBook Pro 17″ feels so weird compared to them, because while they’re like almost 2 inches, the MBP is 1 Inch so…meh. Anyways, gl and hope that scrolling video comes out soon 😀

    kdsjfnsdnflnsd scrolling video
    maybe i’ll stick with 15” >.<

  10. iherol says:

    hey b0wjob if u are a sniper , gt glitch hit 1.2bil att , i maybe take an SS of it , everybody is doing it in funms -.- , dats hw they lvl so fas and reborn many time, well if u wan to play funms i gif u dis link , , btw b4 dis got horntail , due to some problemss the gm took it away . ITS SO AWESOME. I HOPE U TUNE IN TO MY BLOG, then i and u can share out experiences abt ourselves. i will update everyday , like i haf over 100 videos and bilions of pictures, but i duno hw to upload pictures. i hope u can help teach me hw to upload faster. in youtube or photobucket even 45+sec nid wait fr around 2 hours

  11. iherol says:

    ooo ya , and i will try put pics of my att , now my att of my mit is 190k highest , the dmg cap took away by gm , now my att like siao, i luv ur blog tooo!big fan

  12. iherol says:

    wait b0wjob u can visit my site tmr . den i write some stuff abt ur blog , if u agree wid me ^^ we’ll be like frens frm other world! k?


    @_@ !

  13. akumeiji says:

    Centrino2? Well if it’s the next gen of mobile Intel processors, I don’t think it’s going to make your laptop very cheap. In fact, even the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo brings it up to 900ish. I think you should get it now; besides, it’s a great time to get a laptop because there are “back to school” stuff. Think about Apple, they’re offering a free iPod Touch if you buy a Mac with a student ID. Since iPod Touch costs 299, in essence you’re saving 300 dollars, and since you also get 100 dollars off a new printer, add those together and a mid range MacBook will technically cost you 900 dollars. That’s with a 2.4GHz Core 2 duo and a 160 GB HD and stuff. Plus a printer and an iPod Touch. Pretty cool ^_^ plus you can install Windows on a MacBook. On my MacBook Pro, I took my old Dell Windows XP CD and installed Windows 😛 and it works! ^_^. Anyways, if you’re going to get a laptop, I suggest get it now. There’s no point waiting, because technology will continue to update. After Centrino2, the next one’s probably going to come out soon too. And Centrino2 is at least a few months if not a year.

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