Scrolling video update (july 27)


7/170 scrolls down, made 1:30 long clip so far [4:50 pm, July 12]
11/170 scrolls down, made almost 2:00 clips. [10:38 pm, July 12]
2:56 [12:07 am, July 14]
got another 45 seconds of clip; a total of 3:36 minutes [1:53 am, July 25]
I didn’t count but it’s 80% completed ! [2:26 am, July 27)


4:25 PM, July 27, 2008


So I’m finally working on the +170 Dark scrolling video
like I said 4 months ago.


Random thoughts while making the video:

  • Spent almost 40 minutes just to figure out how to SORT OF
    combine two separate clips into one and show half of each
  • Finding the right music to match the clip is really challenging
  • ah my head hurts ;~;


Archer rank :p



9 Responses to Scrolling video update (july 27)

  1. Jackk says:

    Hmmm, its interesting but G4 and I were talking about that old blog post a few weeks back on msn… xP

  2. GodofTurtles says:

    Dang, looks like a lot to do, gl Josh. Btw:

    GodofTurtlez (in a pretty much private message area so I thought): O now I see it. Well if Furor Adura edits the link out, I’ll be annoyed. I wish we didn’t have to tip toe around Adura’s personal problems that are 100% his fault.

    Adura: “I ask that you refrain from such comments, on my on forum especially.”

    Adura must search every private message for signs of his name >_> Think if I correct his grammar i’ll get banned lol? Privacy ftw. I think i’ll move to southperry with you, the link I couldn’t post without having it deleted.

  3. akumeiji says:

    lol I hate taking my time editing videos, so I usually end up finishing them in one day o_O usually I do things like “oh well it’s messed up a bit but i’m too lazy to change it” so yea… my videos end up with little bugs here and there 😛

  4. batcave says:

    do you still have your best bows that you made o.0. if you clean slate them they could be even better o.0…. not that it matters now with all those darn nisrocks and dragon bows… hmmmm … o.0…. hmmm bites josh … get back to work on the vid … you havent feed your fans in a while and you know what they say about hungry fans … they dont chew when they bite…

    lol ok so im totally sleepy while writing this so it might read out alot weirder when im awake tomorrow … but yeah … keep up the good work on the vid o.0. !! dont get demotivatededededs.

    rawr …… bored…… e3’s first press confrence in 9 mins …. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Jackovitch says:

    lol i have been looking forward to the scrolling video i hope it will come soon ^^

    now.. lLOG ON MSN!

  6. batcave says:

    holy hell ffxIII on x360 and ps3

  7. mapleandrock says:

    waaaaaaaa lots of audiooooooo <333
    omg I got hype bout audio… well however…
    I’m back to mapling 😛 So I’ll be back to business like leaving replies at blogs and annoying stuff like that 😛

    Have a nice monday and happy mapling 😀

  8. Zankarst says:

    That raven is almost as good as mine D:

    Anyway, EW at that page. GROSS. I DIDN’T NEED TO SEE THAT ._.

  9. Will says:

    wait a sec…how did you get a job change…unless you deleted your character and remade it? Otherwise how did u get to marksman if you were bowmaster?

    I moved to Hong Kong and in Hong Kong you can ONLY access to HKMS.
    GMS B0WJOB is still there. I don’t want to type Chinese and play HKMS.
    So I found a private server supported by lots of ex-admin/mods of

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