that scrolling video (added a snippet clip)

Where should I start

If I just want to get this over with I could’ve
dump all the clips into the editor,
double the speed to shorten the clip length,
zoom in and throw some random songs and
wha-la, done. It’ll take about 2 hours or less.

I guess this has to do with my personality.

Sometimes I am a chill maybe a lazy person.

But when I am into something that I care, like photography
or training my character in Maple Story (or other things),
I get into it and I set myself a high standard.

Note that having a high standard does not mean a guaranteed
high quality material. After all I am just a normal person
with no training experience in video making.

Whatever. my goal is to make this 170 30% scrolling video
into something that I would enjoy watching, that
despite what OTHERS think, at least me and my brother
(who provides few feedbacks to what I have accomplished so far)
would appreciate it.

*click to enlarge

this is a 1 minute clip from that video

there are roughly 30 edits in this 1 minute

edit: it’s hard to preview this 1 minute clip on Vegas
due to excessive edits (bad laptop = lag)
so I rendered it to check of things are in their right place,
and heck, here’s a little snippet from that 1 minute clip


Not all clips are editted to extreme like this;
but by far they have been taken care of second by second.
Hell, you saw that -2 minutes of Retalion’s video
where it took him over 10+ hours to make?

A lot of you have given me support and encouragement
to push me to work on this video. From what I have seen,
a few of you have high anticipation over this video.

I just want to kindly remind you that,
this is just a video on scrolling. there’s nothing but scrolling.
just scrolling. scrolls fail work break..

It’s impossible to create a video under 10 minutes that
contains over 20 GB of Fraps (roughly 40 minutes)…

I’m going to split this into 2 parts, or maybe 3, we’ll see how it goes.
I think one failure from last 66 10% Scrolling video was
everything happend too fast and many viewers
had no idea what was going on. A lot of them saw lots of
scrolls failed and think it was a terrible thing.
(which, of course, they missed the point)

This time I’m taking things slower. whatever. Less typing,
i’m going back to work on that stupid video :p

oh. another reason why the video is taking forever to come out
is because I’ve had too much fun with the private server
i’ve been playing

thats the archer rank. the thief icon is a bug :p

anyway~ thanks for visiting this site
hopefully next blog update will be the release of that
darn stupid scrolling video :B


7 Responses to that scrolling video (added a snippet clip)

  1. Zankarst says:

    B0WJOB, keep up the Khainian pride and pass these two!

    lol. i would but this Video is holding me back =p
    and it’s not that hard to be on top rank really.
    I just play and have fun and BAM. im on the top 5 o.o

  2. Ryanide says:

    Ohai josh.

    So, updates seem fairly alright, and I know you’re shedding blood sweat and tears just to complete this, just to let you know, i’m here all the way.

    Just holla me up during the weekends and i’ll make you relaxed.

    (maybe sum blowjobs, olo)

    wtf that olo looks hella wrong.
    blood sweat and tears? more like web surf music and naps lol

  3. Goggyfour says:

    Which private server? o_O (not at all interested in ScrollingStory)

  4. Zankarst says:

    i have a crappier laptop than you and i can still play wow xD

    the frames/second does suffer though ..

  5. Jackk says:

    When did I spend 10+ hours on a -2 minute video? O_o The 2 minute phoenix video only took 2 hours, lololo

  6. Jackovitch says:

    mm keep up the good work Josh

    My level 80 video is going to made very soon =D

    nice, do your thing jack.
    the video is done. im going to upload it on YouTube
    when I wake up it should be done. Last time YouTube
    failed to process .avi files…hope it works this time

  7. shyMAYHEM says:

    ugh no more scrolling plz
    93 metus, 93 metus, 92 metus, 97 dark nisrock, 89 fire arund.
    all blown up on first slot.
    btw, you got your own josh themed post, come see xD

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