+170 30% – Massive Scrolling Begins

Please watch this in High Quality.



Is there any question about this video that
you want me to asnwer?

if you do, feel free to ask , i’ll do my best to answer em :p


12 Responses to +170 30% – Massive Scrolling Begins

  1. butterfli says:

    I didn’t really like it =\.

    I liked the trailer and your 10% scrolling video more. I think exciting music is what keeps the videos entertaining. Say imagine Pirates of the Caribbean without it’s theme song. It’s just not the same and probably wouldn’t be as popular. Likewise, for your videos, it’s very hard to make a video about scrolling and make it exciting. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Plus a lot of people say my videos hurt their eyes lol.

    Anyway, watching someone scroll is boring. To the person doing the scrolling, it’s fun because they’re the one experiencing the adrenaline rush. To even make a video about it, that’s pretty good. But what I’m rambling to say is that this video wasn’t as good as the ones you’ve made in the past.

    The music was cultural. It was entertaining. But it wasn’t exciting. What made your previous videos good were exciting music and changes in scenery. You had scenes around the maple world, you had clips of you attacking things, and exciting music. You’ve made great videos with all though and it still shows your scrolling.

    Anyway, summary of what I said: it’s a good video but not as good as previous ones. This is just my opinion anyway. Hopefully, more people can give you feedback on what they thought ^^.

    i was expecting someone to say that.
    i slowed down the pace on this one
    so some viewers could understand what is going on
    I was fed up with some ignorant and stupid
    comments from my last scrolling video,
    and thought i’d take things slower so they can
    open their eyes and see things better.

    thanks for your opinion Ken, sincerely.

  2. Jackk says:

    tl;dw (too long;didnt watch)… kidding. watch it later after the South Park movie 😀

  3. Jackovitch says:

    That is epic Josh! i love the video
    im disappointed that u didnt put the part with the gross jaeger in it T_T buuhuu

  4. Jackovitch says:

    or is it coming later? i do not know :O my awesome jaeger should be filmed! xP

    the video is not over yet

  5. batcave says:

    I liked it for everything from it the vibe was awesome the music following the emotions of how you feel toward whatever your scrolling was awesome too.

    oh cool, so you felt what i wanted to convey 😀

  6. Goggyfour says:

    Didn’t think it was going to be so good, but I loved the music. Hans Zimmer is pretty amazing, no?

    ❤ Accu-Flashback. Thanks for annotating.

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=ptJzVXmGqek (yeah that’s gone in a few days, lol)

  7. Ryanide says:

    darn you josh. i haet you.

    no srsly, ilu ❤ nice work with the video, the song wasnt that engaging but still it was attractive.

    nao go pserva and let me leech lol.

  8. akumeiji says:

    Oh yea Josh I think you should wait for Centrino2. I just saw some previews of it and it sounds good. Apparently it has new heat controlling thing that allows 6 cell batteries up to 6 hours of battery life. That’s nuts lol.You could watch a blu ray movie on one charge (well that’s what they say) so maybe you should wait for Centrino2. iono, up to you.

    i think….ARG we’ll see :l

  9. iherol says:

    yo bowjob , i now play a new private server , still hope u enjoy my blog, it has 3000x exp , 15 drops, 2000mesos! and now u can simply post a comment, juz set comments to anonymous!den u can comment le ,nice blog! jyjy

  10. iherol says:

    btw i changed my website frm funms life to maple private server life
    ! coz now i quitted funms and playing alots and alots of private server with atts abv 10mil! and mesos and cash eq more drops, events and SOOOOOO MUCH MORE , but now my website is the same , is onli the name inside change , my website is still


    cool , thanks.

  11. Zye says:

    It’s finally done! 😀 Nothing less than expected of the Josh.

  12. akumeiji says:

    lmao the first two laptops you showed me were like…. mini screen and very very compromised laptops. Small trackpad, keyboard, etc. The Dell Studio 15 is pretty nice choice. Oh and if you wait for Centrino2, you’re going to have to pay more. unless they keep selling previous model processors when Centrino2 comes out, you might have to pay an extra 100 or 200 bucks lol.

    probably will worth the money >_<

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