Flowsion MS

August 30, 2008

Made by FMS players

(made by Nikki/Ringletts)

(made by Desolation)


Over 13 Developers including Game Masters:
GMCrovax, Mats, Flowsion, Koriz, AngelSL, Taisha, Loli, KahluaNMilk, and Congee



laptop drama

August 25, 2008

for a week the inner fan was running loud,

then early last week the fan died,
now laptop is overheated and act as if it has only 32 MB Ram.

meaning it’s running reallyyyy slowwwwwwwwwww

*currently having desk fan blowing towards the bottom of the Laptop
(raised the elevation with 2 huge books in an attempt for a better
ventilation), If i dont do that, laptop will automatically shuts off
due to overheating

gonna try to send it to Dell this week :l

skd nflksndf

Article and Reflection: [Private Servers: A Fresh Slice of Innocent Life]

August 21, 2008

A fellow member from FlowsionMS made this thread
discussing about this Wall Street article relating to Private servers
and his reflection towards private servers and the community…

I think it’s worth the time to read this.

What is the ideal (MS) gaming enviroment?



August 13, 2008

Check This Out: Awesome Fan Made Dark Knight Sequel Poster!


[OdinMS] Q&A with Richan

August 12, 2008

Give it a read.

A post for photography

August 12, 2008

Ray, The owner of Radiant Squares in Dallas is my good friend from college.
We started photography together and have talked about photography ever since.

We have been talking about recent pictures he took in NYC,
there are some great shots, take a look if u interested


Goal for this week:

  • find the right place for a right tripod and buy one
  • work on the pictures I’ve taken for the last 6 months
  • go out and shoot some pics 😀


here’s one of the many shots i’ve taken back in June


Festival Walk


I sent an e-mail to Ray for his opinion and this is his reply:

“its pretty good-
If there were any way to make the lines in the photo lead to something interesting I think it would help this photo a lot.
i cropped it so it looked like the 2 girls were the main center of interest – what do you think?”


now, what do you think ?  :p

more 30% scrolling (aug 6th update)

August 1, 2008


After 3 30% worked in a row,

I feel like I might get lucky with 60% so I went ahead with it

yea =)


Anego dropped a 96 or 98 Dark Crow,
and my party let me have it.
To thank them for their generosity,
I told them I’m going to do some 30% scrolling
for a little entertainment =p

blew up a Neschere and failed 2 Dark Crows, and got this:

3/4 30% worked