more 30% scrolling (aug 6th update)


After 3 30% worked in a row,

I feel like I might get lucky with 60% so I went ahead with it

yea =)


Anego dropped a 96 or 98 Dark Crow,
and my party let me have it.
To thank them for their generosity,
I told them I’m going to do some 30% scrolling
for a little entertainment =p

blew up a Neschere and failed 2 Dark Crows, and got this:

3/4 30% worked


7 Responses to more 30% scrolling (aug 6th update)

  1. Stelo says:

    Dammm that´s one nice XBow.

    Read this and look how many people mentioned you.

  2. Savage says:

    XD I’d never do that in GMS…must be different in FLMS?

    is it ?

  3. Evan says:

    FLMS? wtf is going on Josh.. its been a while since i played maple. whats this FLMS? 0.o

  4. no.
    your crossbows are nothing.
    b0wjob needs a full gacha perfect statted 107 atk shine xbow with 7 30% xbow.
    7dex, 142 atk shiner bow GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. Jackk says:

    are you gonna 60 or throw more 30’s at it? xD

    more 30%s. i think there’s about 89 30% left

  6. Kevo says:

    So lucky at Scrolling~

    I never get any luck, so I buy pre-scrolled stuff >_>

  7. Zye says:

    Lol, I can’t even do that in the PS I’ve been playing here at school. D: 109 Nisrock was my best, 2 30’s. Why didn’t you tell me that Hurricane was that much fun! Ah well. I’ll get back into GMS by next week.

    I also need to make a new banner. I’ve been meaning to do so since I hit 8x. >.> Hope fully an idea will try to run me over with an ice cream truck.

    join the PS that I play Zen D:

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