laptop drama

for a week the inner fan was running loud,

then early last week the fan died,
now laptop is overheated and act as if it has only 32 MB Ram.

meaning it’s running reallyyyy slowwwwwwwwwww

*currently having desk fan blowing towards the bottom of the Laptop
(raised the elevation with 2 huge books in an attempt for a better
ventilation), If i dont do that, laptop will automatically shuts off
due to overheating

gonna try to send it to Dell this week :l

skd nflksndf


10 Responses to laptop drama

  1. akumeiji says:

    If there’s anyone who should complain about heat on a laptop, it should be me. My laptop heats up like crazyyy hot.. Well maybe it’s because that it’s made of aluminum and the heat spreads quickly, but while watching Naruto or something, the bottom of my laptop is like…. you can’t touch it at all. Supposedly this is normal for my laptop but still…


    I don’t mind the heat, but the slowness is killing me 😦

  2. Zen says:

    Deal or no deal?

    So tempted, even if I’m 17 levels off. :3!

    100m ? no dex? all 60%?
    shyMAYHEM has a 109 arund does he still sell it?
    I don’t know, if you want you can get this nisrock,
    but i’m kinda “meh” on this one.
    I don’t know what the current economic in Khaini is…
    btw, how much does a 30% bow scroll cost?
    last time i played in Khaini it was 4 mil >:l

  3. Savage says:

    NEVER get a Dell. HP all the way. Dell has a history of computers breaking down after a year or 6 months.

  4. Zen says:

    30’s are deflating slightly from end of Summer (sad), but are still in the 3-4m range. But mmk about the bow. Just peaked my interest because it just looks so kewwwl. Think Shy’s still using that Arund, and I doubt a meager 60m will get it from him. 😛

    Agree with Savage thar. Most computers come from the stores in my area with a one-year warranty, Dell has a 30-day. O.o

  5. B0WJOB says:

    man, now im uncertain what laptop i should get within 900$ range 😡

    akumeiji helped and we both thought Dell Studio 15 looked good :l

  6. shymayhem says:

    I’m using a Nisrock atm :p
    Friend has the Arund atm in a shop

  7. GodofTurtles says:

    OMG Josh, you just helped me discover the problem i’m having with my laptop lol, It would like randomly shut into some kinda unalterable mode where it was on but the screen was black. I’m now 100% sure it was from overheating lol, I’m no good with computers =P thx =D

  8. akumeiji says:

    I am going to yell at those guys who says Dell sucks. If Dell sucks, why do more people buy Dell than HP? Dell is the largest PC manufacturer. End of story.

    And Josh, I actually got a Dell Studio 15 for a friend of mine who came here to take university (she came from China) and she thinks its awesome. I don’t see what’s the problem with getting a Dell at all. Josh’s laptop is just old. And HP laptops heat up much more than Dell laptops. That I have first hand experience with :O.

    And my friend’s HP has the same problem with the heat. It turns off automatically, and his was a 2000 dollar laptop. Plus the shitty thing only lasts one hour on battery life, and he’s only had his laptop for a year. He told me he has to replace the battery every month. That’s ridiculous.

    A lot of people say Dell sucks. And a lot of people say Windows Vista sucks too. Windows Vista doesn’t suck in features, it’s just slow. That’s like one of the few problems with it. Other than that, most people are just exaggerating about how bad Windows vista is. More likely they’re just too stupid to just a PC without getting a virus on it.

    And my Dell came with a 4 year warranty for free. Most of them come with 1 year warranties. Where the hell do you see 30 day warranty? Dont’ you mean like 30 days phone support or something?

  9. Savage says:

    In response to akumeiji, maybe it’s because they have absolutely no idea what’s good and what’s not and know nothing about computers?

  10. akumeiji says:

    Well I’m just boosting Josh’s confidence, which he sounds like he lost after hearing bad stuff about Dell. Cmon Josh get a dell :D. Although, I still think everyone should get a Mac.. well maybe not. If everyone gets a Mac, there’s going to be more problems. Yea. Everyone go get yourself PCs.

    I can’t stand my new linksys router though. Annoys me like crazy. I really should have gotten an Airport Extreme. Oh well.

    And I just can’t agree anything about HP being good laptops, they’re just.. iono. I just don’t like them. But, HP monitors are awesome. Second to the Apple Cinema Display.

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