Flowsion MS

Made by FMS players

(made by Nikki/Ringletts)

(made by Desolation)


Over 13 Developers including Game Masters:
GMCrovax, Mats, Flowsion, Koriz, AngelSL, Taisha, Loli, KahluaNMilk, and Congee



14 Responses to Flowsion MS

  1. Zen says:

    Mm, boobs. o.o

  2. akumeiji says:

    err.. 20X exp? I’m certainly not joining this server. My server has like… 320X exp and 650x mesos. Hella faster to level :D.

    yea, i tried 500x exp private server. it’s fun to level at such speeed
    but the community and the environment FMS provides is what made me stayed there for the
    last 2 months (and continue gonna be there :p)

  3. akumeiji says:

    xD Josh well I don’t play much maple anymore anyways. It’s getting boring to me :O.

    Just talk to me through email/msn/aim/blog. And the community in a lot of private servers are much nicer than the real maple because no one really cares about money, so there’s not really any scammers, and since leveling is so easy… no one can really call you low leveled cause like 20 minutes later you’re level 100. Although in a private server that’s pretty low.

    And btw, I hope you didn’t believe what those guys said about Dell. There’s nothing wrong with Dell! It’s actually the largest PC manufacturer! In fact, see my argument with them in the previous post if you missed it 😀

    nah man i didnt miss it, ive heard this kinda of argument before,
    and your previous post had pretty well reasoning and what not.
    ive been using Dell for the last 4 years (meaning I don’t know
    how using other laptop feels like). I’m willing to listen
    both sides.. It’s big $ to buy a new laptop/computer, afterall.

  4. shyMAYHEM says:

    I’ve finally quit gMSKhaini
    I hopefully will be able to join FlowsionMS.
    Deciding my class will be hard though…Hopefully a unique class :]

    Randy if your classes will consume your time
    maybe you don’t want to get back into MS.

    There’s 3 things in college you need to balance out:
    School work, Social life, and sleep

    if you find spare time in between these, hey man,
    I’d LOVE to have to join FMS


  5. iherol says:

    b0wjob u shud play sydneyms voted top private4 server 10k everything exp drop and mesos

  6. iherol says:

    zzzzzzzzzzz fm rm 1 – rm 22 ALL GOT BOSSES , CHICKEN SYSTEM SUPER EQ , EQ U NVR SEEN B4 IN UR LIFE

    btw since when did u play private servers? -0.0?

  7. Ez says:

    iherol = btw i oso start to play flowsionms

  8. Ryanide says:

    iherol, did you get banned this morning? (on fms)

    serves you right for hacking lol.

  9. Zankarst says:


    also, dell sucks.

    scrap that. laptops suck!

  10. Savage says:

    xD FlowsionMS 4 ever.

    I’ve finally realized what GMS has truly turned into.

    Add me on FMS if you get a chance Josh. IGN: Deejayn.

  11. jason says:

    hey, how to i download the flowsion ms ?
    what is the website for it?

    thanks v^^V

    click on the link or the banner 🙂

  12. jason says:

    thanks dude 🙂

  13. Ryan says:

    LOL…. wow Josh… it’s been quite a while since Khani hasn’t it? So I see your on Flowsion now? hope that’s treating you good. I just took a look through my bookmarks and found your site again xD. anyways just dropping through to say Hi, it’s been a while.. too bad you forgot who this is =S.


    why do ppl assume i forget about them :<
    and lol @ email address

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