Someone drew me

My character in FMS

My friend Nikki drew a ‘quick’ sketch of my character

I was so happy when I saw the sketch, hehe

Thank you Nikki ❤

To see more of her work go here


7 Responses to Someone drew me

  1. hermitcity says:

    That private MS looks so nice, Do you know where I can get an EXE for it? I can’t find it anywhere on the site and I registered.

    go to the main page

    and look at the right side where it says
    Everything you need for FlowsionMS. Just extract and play!

  2. batcave says:
    its v.59 now so you can just put this into your regular v59 ms and enjoy … or atleast i think thats how it works 😮

  3. Xavier says:

    Thanks, The links on the left weren’t working earlier but now they are. Ugh It’s been so long since I’ve actually played MS I made a thief and didn’t give it 25 base dex. so now I have to re-do.

  4. Savage says:

    She’s very talented 🙂

  5. Zen says:

    -jabs Josh- 103/2 Gold Arund, 50m. Go for it?

    50 mil = 10 30% Bow att + some 60% + clean arund ?

    with those scrolls i can make better 103 arund
    my bad zen, im just not a person that likes buying pre-scrolled items.
    i like to scroll them myself :p
    um….ask your friends around, if that’s a fair price sure why not…
    but if u can, save it for something better.

    honestly, no. dont buy it. its only 103 att.

  6. hermitcity says:

    has the server killed horntail yet? I started two days ago I’m only 55, haha I want to try and catch up and do it when the server does. I don’t know if horntail is even open though.

    horntail is not out yet

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