I haven;t laughed this hard this entire week
@ Sopranos


Give it a shot 🙂

FlowsionMS is dedicated to bringing you the best server imaginable, the best community one can offer and the best staff you could hope for. We start by having a dedicated server; one that can run 700+ users online consecutively. The server is run on an Xeon Quad-Core X3220 2.4GHz Proccessor, 8GB of RAM and has a bandwidth limit of 2000GB. The icing on the cake? It’s also running on a 100Mbps port.

The community is brought together by serveral prominent members of the Maplestory Community. We have ex-staff from Sleepywood and prominent members from Sleepywood; users that have been around for years. We have users from Bellardia, Knights of Maple, GameFAQs, MCPVixens, and Ascendancy.

The Founders of the server are Flowsion, Crovax (Creator of Hunterstory), Fiel (THE .wz Editor), Bulldog, Mats (Creator of Removing GameGuard from Localhost), Stereo (Creator of KPQ) and Koriz (Creator of the PVP System). Together, they created the server and made it what it is today. You can be sure that the server is excellent from just looking at the creators, after all, they’ve proved themselves before in various other projects. We also have ‘helpers’ that are greatly appreciated who do work for us on request and have been a part of this project for a short-time.

So, want to get started? Sure! Just head on over to the main website at and click on Register Now and you’re all set! You can then Download the server file by clicking on the Downloads button.


3 Responses to FMS

  1. Zye says:

    One day when life in Khaini slows down, I’ll join you Josh. But for now, I gots my friends, a growing wealth, and I still gotta make it to 4th job. 😀

  2. Savage says:

    Free vampire cookies to whoever joins us in FMS.

  3. Seth says:

    I am downloading FMS as we speak. 🙂 I was the person who talked to you in Korean abit back. 😛

    우와! ㅋㅋㅋ

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