Where are you in MS right now ?

I’m wondering where my blog visitors are at in Maple Story.

If you don’t mind share with us about your current place in MS
Which server are you at, what class/lvl are you ?
what is your most recent goal in MS and how
is your server doing? you know, whatever comes to mind i guess :p

For me,

I am playing FMS, lvl 194 Marksman known as “that dude who hits on Anego all the time”
Currently I am just trying to have fun with my friends in FMS
at Anego and Big Foot. Zakum and Horntail is still under development.

The community is generally filled with nice people.
What really made me enjoy playing FMS is the hanging out
and chatting. It’s sort of like a huge chat room with cool people in it :p

I wonder when I’ll go back and play Khaini.
It really sucks that I can’t play GMS from Hong Kong.
Silly Nexon wants to make players in HK play HKMS? -_-

anyway, this is like an open thread feel free to say whatever u want.

If U want, that is :p

oh and because 2 of my Master courses (lol master)
are on campus so I’ma live in dorm from Sunday~Wednesday
Packing up atm, not planning to bring my laptop for now.
So no MS.


17 Responses to Where are you in MS right now ?

  1. shyMAYHEM says:

    Hey Josh 😀
    Uhhhhh…I’m still in Khaini
    Planning on staying level 160 forever
    I can’t play too often cause of school and all that but
    I did stop by home for a visit and brought along my laptop
    So I’m planning on signing on gMS to chit chat, Flowsion ( i hope ) to casually play
    and slowly get up my Paladin.
    Rigorous f2
    Khaini is a bit boring if you must know.
    All people really do is Horntail and not too much drama.
    Boring, boring, boring.
    Add me on MSN please, iiamrandy@hotmail.com
    I keep forgetting ;_;

    How peaceful :3
    anyway randy mine is WoBJustice@hotmail.com im gonna
    head to my campus and move in to dorm in few hours
    without a laptop so I’ll probably add u this weekend
    when i come back from campus

  2. Remi says:

    I’m currently drifting through a whole bunch of servers, trying to find the right one for me. I wanted to join FMS but the low rates disturb me a bit ^^ How long’d it take you to hit 194 on FMS?

    I’ve played since June 10. If you want high exp rate, try this
    I’ve played other Private servers, but the community
    and the developers/GMs/Mods are the reasons that made me enjoy FMS the most

  3. Zye says:

    I’m still here in Khaini, leveling once every 2 weeks because I’m just that cool. Level 85, aiming for 90 by end of November, unless they come out with a 2x event. In the meantime, I’m also shooting for 100 Onyx Apples. Currently at 31. 😀 Then I just wait till the prices skyrocket and drop em on the Free Market. Bwahaha.

    wow nice, 100 apples. in FMS you can buy Heartstopper in FM from Fredrick for 750k
    but people find them from Voodoos and sell for 100k~250k each
    I have about 180 of them ^^v
    btw 30% bow scroll still 4 mil ? >:o

  4. GokuFromHell says:

    scania,almost lvl 93. aiming for100 ❤

    nice, 7 more levels to triple digits

    when I hit 100 I felt really cool how there’s triple digits at the bottom left of my
    screen :3

  5. aK. says:

    Lv 147 BM

    aKs2emy FMS o.O yay

    gg albert werent you like 120 last week? stop leveling and HS me at Anego xO
    jk :p

  6. Zye says:

    Nope. Now 30% Bows are 5m. D:

    ew. what the crap you guys.

  7. Nikita says:

    Hey Josh~
    umm im like lvl 200 and i got like 60k stats well ya so i got really bored and hardly got on private servers cause im like wow im too strong nothing to do so yah…. bored here…………………. lols

    P.S. in 4 days its my birthday

    Getting a SideKick LX = )

    haha that’s why I don’t like to play super high rate private server..
    my brother played one that gives 500x exp?
    He already got like 2+ rebirths.
    and hope you have fun on your bday man 😮

  8. Zen says:

    Still, things are looking up for this little apple collection of mine. Up to 34, and the prices are climbing past 3.3. That’s at least 100m atm. :O

  9. MagicsBOW says:


    nice Block.
    Playing GMS (Bera).
    147 Bowmaster

    But it sucks really.
    Nexon just banned random PPL for fast lvln
    like my 139 bishop 😦
    They cannot handle tat BF glitch and now they banned all ppl who lvlt fast.
    Currently, i have no more goals…

    And Bow 30% costs now 7 Mil in Bera and 118 Arund was sold for 2.1 bil :((
    Tats Inflation…..

  10. Ari says:

    I quit yo.

    Well not really. But my desktop is in the shop, and the vista on my laptop cant do ms, it’s all laggy </3

  11. Stelo says:

    I am lvl 52 on my cleric aiming to get Priest maybe before 09 and just getting money for it so I can just fund back up my hacked StarStelo.

  12. Jackovitch2 says:

    Hey there Josh i hope you didn’t forget me just yet xD

    Im still in Khaini on my level 80! ice lightning mage 🙂
    ilog on now and then to say hey to my friends
    i think thats all there is to it

    The nerdy part in my life is pretty much over since i started on a bording school, and i think its good…

    i also realised how much of my time computer games has taken

  13. Ryanide says:

    y u so nib.

    Hi josh. TITSTITS.

    AHAHAHA xd

    So yeah, I’m still in fms. Lucidity.


  14. Savage says:

    I’m level 45 (always leveling!) in FMS. I’m a STR Dit…soon to be CB. Josh knows the rest 😛

  15. Beauner says:

    Hey Josh. Can you e-mail me? It’s beauner. Are you still playing FMS? I’d like to play with you, I haven’t talked to you in a while! Message me! My MSN is beau.lucas@hotmail.com if you want to talk.

    This is what I just sent to you earlier, hope you recieved it in your e-mailBeau! I read your post on my blog,
    dude, I haven’t talked to you in ages and It’s really nice to hear from you !

    come join FMS for fun man, there isnt much grinding (20x exp)
    and I’m the Jr. from one of the big guilds in FMS [Love]

    I’ve gotten Maiden/Butterfli, Zankarst, JonXUS7, BadNinjutsu/Mia (WayOfBushido guild leaders) into [Love] Guild. Shinataku02 plays and is in Love too, but he has been busy so I haven’t seen him on much.


    and check the forum,


    dude, looking forward to see you man 😀

    (I only play on Thursday~Saturday).

  16. Beauner says:

    What’s your MSN, Josh?

  17. Beauner says:

    It’s not letting me sign up on FMS…

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