Thank you John McCain



4 Responses to Thank you John McCain

  1. GodofTurtles says:

    Woah, they need to put this on television and end it with “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.” I’ve never heard any of those sound clips before, McCain does and says whatever he needs to in order to win. He went from worshipping the ground Bush stands on to trashing his policies? lol

  2. MagicsBISH (BERA) says:

    Well i live in Germany.

    And really noone like Bush and McCain.
    they r such idiots…..

    PPl call mc Cain “old Potato”
    I dunno if u know the Potato Brand “Mc Cain”

    its a bad joke but i think funny hehe 😉

  3. GodofTurtles says:

    The world despises Bush possibly more than Americans do, and McCain comes across as a new Bush in our eyes and the world’s. Quoted from Joe Biden, John McCain is the sequel to President Bush, and the sequel is always worse than the original. Obama comes across as something new and he’s a hell of a lot more likable than McCain.

  4. Savage says:

    Another unbelievable biased and idiotic video. Don’t forget, the American people were the idiots who elected Bush. McCain isn’t like him. If you want an inexperienced President that will fuck everything up, then vote for Obama.

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