I’m liking FlowsionMS


Today’s my 2nd day here and I must really say, FMS rocks!

Things I’ve done today in FMS (chronological order):
-Got invited to a guild in the morning
-Party trained with 2 other FMSers for about 3 hours
-Met B0WJOB after he anego-ed (omg lvl 199)
-Helped a level 17 train 3 levels… but later on, after I went off, he was banned for hacking lol
-Souped up myself with NX stuff (thx to B0WJOB’s intro post w/ links to informative stuff about drops, the way things work, etc)
-Job advanced and now reached level 51
ADD: Got 2 gach tickets from monster drops!

I confess Imma partial-wannabe-NX whore. I have only bought 60k NX in my entire life on traditional MS and used them on haircut, eye and 2x exp only, never believed in buying clothes there since they expired and cost real money, didn’t serve any particular purpose unlike 2x exp and only for looks. Over here, wow free NX clothes…mmm that’s nice, bought some from NPC Coco, have yet to hunt for the better ones.

Yea, so my impressions are great, the people here (both FMS client and forums are friendly), it’s easier to level up and gain items now, but not TOO much so, unlike other servers which you can level 200 in a day – that’s so not fun. I think the main appeal here is the leveling and drops which are both increased versus traditional MS, but they’re low enough (as in not extreme) so you don’t end up leveling 7 different (sub)classes to level 200 all within a week and get bored. Another good thing is that the more reasonable exp/drop rates also discourage most of the baddies from joining (ksers, spammers, bla bla bla unsavory people) since those people are looking for 100000X exp servers.

Wait, I’m sorry… THE main appeal here should be the ‘more boobs, less noobs’ vote banner 😉 on the forums, if I’m not mistaken designed by Ringletts/Nikki? It looks brilliant, and so is the idea behind it… since I’m sure it encourages people to click and vote.

Keep up the FMS greatness =)


posted by Curtis
I’m liking Flowsion MS

lol @ Maiden’s post


One Response to I’m liking FlowsionMS

  1. Curtis says:

    Omg I’m featured here!
    ~First time comment from a long time lurker btw~


    I wonder how many people lurk here.
    Hey to you all out there; check out FMS man. 🙂

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