Turning into lvl 200

I think I will hit to lvl 200 at Anego/Female Boss,
since FMSers know that I Anego a LOT.
I probably am the person in FMS that trains at Anego the most. haha.

This brings the old discussion back:
How/Where would you get to lvl 200 and make it special?

HHG 1 Snails?
lvl off from Jr Rog?
Solo Zakum? (thats not a bad idea :p)



ha, someone already made a thread

B0WJOB reaching level 200, grats (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)


3 Responses to Turning into lvl 200

  1. Ryanide says:


    Get to 200 this friday/thursday please xd

    I hope I can make it

    give me one more “xd”, ryan, i dare you.

  2. Jackk says:

    Are you “officially” 200 or just… setting up for 200? lol

    *will laugh when you accidently level on one of the spawns at Anego instead of Anego herself.

    i’m still lvl 199 :p
    and yea, i’d laugh too ._.

  3. Zen says:

    Make it..somewhere where you remember having the fondest memory in GMS?

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