The Legendary Equipments



Gold Nisrock: 115 Att, 2 Dex
(Base 97, RiCoBoOya264, Bera)

Dark Nisrock: 117 Att, 3 Dex
(Base 96, RiCoBoOya264, Bera)

Golden Neschere: 124 Att, 4 Dex
(Base 100, xBish, Windia)
White Neschere: 125 Att, 6 Dex
(Base 95, XayonRanger , Bera )

Dragon Shiner Cross: 120 att, 2 dex
(Base 106, Joost1987, scrolled by xBish, Windia)

Dark Crow: 112 Att, 4 Dex
(Base 88, xXMCheifXx, Bellocan)

Blue Elf Shoes: (waiting for final result)

Maple Nishada: 110 Att, 4 dex, 10 speed
(Base 84, SniperApogee , Khaini)

Blue Tai: 31 Dex, 1 St, 3 Speed
(SniperApogee , Khaini)


edrenched, your Blue Elf Shoes: 10 dex, 3 str, 3 speed, 15 jump, 1 slot
do qualify but can you come back with a ss of final scrolled result of the shoes? thanks.

Joost, the link for LumpyPotatos’s casa crow is not loading on my screen.
does it work for you? if not, could you get another ss of it ?
Best Casa Crow sofar: 121 att by


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