be right back

2 ss for now


4 Responses to be right back

  1. Meow says:

    Grats =o sorri i wasnt ther =p

    its cool albert :p

  2. Jackovitch2 says:

    lol Josh i could not be there because the flowsion website was infected with virus and the downloader was corrupted <_< i even tried on 3 diffrent computers with diffrent antivirus programs and they all said the same

    word from the developer:
    You have to put it in the FlowsionMS folder (where everything is). You could be having problems because your anti-virus program (AVG) and the such block it. It has 3 .exe’s packed into one, so you might have a few problems. Just follow the guides in the Support Forum to make sure it’s working.

    ” Private servers are coded in a way that makes (retarded) anti-viruses go crazy. Don’t worry about it. ”

    Other things to note:

    – For those who use the AVG anti-virus program, do not worry if AVG picks FMS up as a Trojan. It is a false claim.

    – If AVG blocks it from running, you may bypass this by either turning off the resident shield or find a way to add it to an exception list.

    – If you get an error trying to run FlowsionMS, make sure your GMS is patched to version 0.55. If this does not work, you need to download the full client from and install it to your FlowsionMS folder. Then follow the instructions above.

    Did you look around the Forum or post a thread about it like I told you to ?
    (i think i did tell you to check the forum. don’t remember.)

  3. Zen says:

    Oh wow. Congrats Josh!

    thanks zen 😀

    do you have MSN? mine is

  4. Jackk says:

    Gratz on 200 Josh. Even though a lot of “normal” msers dont visit here anymore, that doesnt mean you cant get your fellow flowsioners to visit xP

    Your blog can take a different direction to become “alive” again. Just saying in regards to the discussion we had a while ago on msn. I dont really know if people still visit your blog or not but Im just saying, your blog can acquire more purposes than one, like Pokgai’s blog did

    Once again, gratz on 200 xD

    thanks Jack. I’m not going to change my blog direction.
    It was made for those 2 archer pages + maple experince + random things
    and it’ll always be like that :p
    if people stop visiting , oh well.

    this is a blog on me with mapling and will stay that way xD
    thanks a lot for your concern though, if you have any video projects
    for the future, best wishes; with that new Dell XPS making videos
    should be even more a fun experience xP

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