TitanMS (koolk) arrested.

Following OdinMS (several months ago)..

TitanMS (koolk) arrested

This is the kind of things we have seen koolk have done in the recent past

as for FMS,
there won’t be lawsuits or anything you’ll see from OdinMS or Koolk.
It’s different things.

and for FMS Bishops, Genesis should be released tomorrow
or sometime this week. 🙂


5 Responses to TitanMS (koolk) arrested.

  1. GodofTurtles says:

    Holy crap thats cool what what repacker stuff can do. But that really sucks what happened to Koolk, I heard about it on southperry =/

  2. akumeiji says:

    Actually Josh, they came out on October 14th, which happened to be my birthday, but I didn’t get one cause I didn’t need one.

    If you go to Apple’s website, you’ll see them.

    And I’m probably going to make a post giving my thoughts about them sometime soon. Let’s just say I don’t like them too much.

    Oh and did you get a laptop yet? I went to the Apple Store and I felt that 15″ laptops were just too big compared to 13″ laptops lol. Like on the MacBook Pro, unlike most PC laptops, it has a resolution of 1440×900, which is considered “high res”. Basically equivalent to that on my sister’s 19″ dell monitor.

    You should get a Mac, but then you won’t be able to play Maple without installing Windows. Oh and the Dell Studio looks so fat! It’s got great deals though.

  3. James says:

    That sucks, wish he could still be here.

  4. JayandSilentBob says:

    anyone know any good pservers tht peopple havnt been suued

  5. M says:

    I can wz repack, wz repacking is public now.

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