Nexon took down FlowsionMS

I have just gotten off the phone with Nexon and talked to one of the heads. This was confirmed to be real and we discussed lots of hot things. I will not be getting sued or taken to court because of my compliance with the request. However, we are not allowed to continue development any further. He stated directly that “Vana will be the the next we take a look at”.

This is a 100% end of the FlowsionMS Source but it is not the end of the Developers of FlowsionMS. We are currently in the midst of discussing the possibility of our own MMO. Those who know C++ or are awesome Artists, please PM me.


The forum is back

butterfli says:

Josh/B0W – says:

butterfli says:
have you heard about fms?

Josh/B0W – says:
nexon sued fms ?

butterfli says:

Josh/B0W – says:
fms sued nexon ?

butterfli says:
trunks got a letter from nexon

well, a nexon representative
bulldog said nexon contacted their host and now fms’ host died

Josh/B0W – says:
what now ?

butterfli says:

dunno. i guess we’re just like odin and titanms now: wait to see what will happen next
nexon definitely know what theyre doing. theyve hit 3 out of 4 of the open sources.
one more to go and the pserver community will be severely slowed
unless someone makes another open source


butterfli says:
I hereby state that Nexon America Inc. is the owner of copyright in the images attached hereto and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the infringing use was not authorized by it, its agents or the law.
butterfli says:
that was the only thing on the letter that involved “sueing”

Here’s the official letter


Join the discussion

FlowsionMS Down!


in an unrelated(?) note,

thanks to KoriZ for making this happen:


10 Responses to Nexon took down FlowsionMS

  1. Jackk says:

    sorry to hear about this Josh D;


  2. Scorpion says:

    Josh! i dont get it… =( whats happening? is flowsionMS dead? ='(

  3. Scorpion says:

    i also want to know if the IRC is down too? i wanna talk with my FlowsionMS guildies… =(
    if flowsionMS died imma suicide =( lol

    “if fms died ima suicide” oh whatever >___>

  4. Scorpion says:

    seriously dude! can u tell me what happened to FMS?

    yea, its right here

  5. Curtis says:

    Let’s start off with this first: Screw Nexon

    So what’s FMS doing now to handle the situation? Do you think FMS will ever come back? Darn, just as I was getting used to my ‘new life’ there… I just logged into normal Maple again and the place stinks even more, the FM 20 is filled with even more noob kids and NX whores than when I left the place a while ago.

    Where to after this Josh? I mean which MS next? LOL.

    I think this is the end of FMS; as we all expected from the start.
    and which MS next? …why ? :p

  6. Scorpion says:

    I really hope Trunks can do something…
    I was thingking… what if someone from another country like Venezuela or Brazil create a server…? Will nexon be able to shut it down too? or even sue that guy?

    Nexon will be able to sue the guy and shut it down too.

  7. Scorpion says:

    Josh can u plz tell me how to get into ??? i mean once i go that webside… a black square appears and ask me to chose a link… and then nothing happens!
    i really want to talk with my FlowsionMS freinds! =(

    try this

    i followed your link and it didnt work,

  8. B0WJOB says:

    I’m thrilled when hearing Trunks didn’t get involved with any lawsuit crap.

  9. batcave says:

    =( such a shame … kicks nexon … 🙂 feels a little better :(. hope the best for trunks and the guys … but whats next for you josh ? o.0.

  10. Kevo says:

    What on earth, I see Soli~

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