Taking a month break – A reflection on my blog

edit: a reflection on A reflection on my blog
I meant to write a quick post saying that I won’t be blogging
for the next few weeks but it turned out to be a lengthy post
(well it’s lengthy to me. It was quite some typing)

B0WJOB.wordpress.com was created back in Feb 07
with the intention to preserve Collected Data %/hr for Archers
and Legendary Bowman Equipments, which originally started
in Sleepywood.net/forum.

With that in mind, I also thought I could share
some of my Mapling experiences/stories with fellow Maplers.

Pretty much that was the original intention and direction this
blog was meant for.

See, when I find something I thought was interesting,
I usually wanna share/show it to others too.
Pretty much that’s how I started MS Comic
(translating KMS comic into english)
Also, it was a nice exercise for me to practice my Korean.

A main reason why I stopped editing/translating KMS Comic
is because it was time consuming…
about 1 hour of work for 1 comic strip.
and how many MS comic strips are there ?
like 15 of em? more or less.

Anyhow. Now that Nexon nailed FlowsionMS, and
living in Hong Kong has made GMS inaccessible,
Whats there to share about my Maple experience?

(Is it just me or I’m making this sound very serrrious)

ok anyway im taking a month break because school works
and semester is coming to an end. My winter break
starts in early December and around that time I should
be able to blog more
(with some interesting MS material. at least
I think they will be interesting)

No blogging on MS/random things for the next ~4 weeks.


Leave a comment and I’ll leave my reply.

Have fun MSing or PMSing.


by that I mean Private MSing.

by that I mean playing private server



4 Responses to Taking a month break – A reflection on my blog

  1. Cheryl says:

    Ah, Josh, I wondered what happened to your blog the other day when I tried to sneak over and it was “private”. It’s alright, you know, I haven’t bona fide mapled for years and I still randomly blog about MS (some of my other blogs). I don’t exactly haunt yours, but I’m sure you have a huge fan base of people who still respect your opinion on heaps of matters whether maple, archer, or beyond 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to sneak back on here in four weeks time…

    …or even less, if you procrastinate anywhere as much as I do. (as evidenced by the fact that my first exam is tomorrow. 😉 .. Good luck with your studies!

    my, that’s flattering :O
    I always deny the thought of “ME HAVE LOTS OF FANS LUL”
    i prefer say “people who like some things (video/blog/ign?) I do” xP

    well, when the semester is over, i’ll have time to
    organize/edit/work on upcoming Maple posts…
    it’s mainly aimed for myself…i mean, i’m doing this for myself,
    but i think it will be entertaining (?) at the same time for
    my blog visitors/friends

    I swear procrastination kicks my butt all the time >:o
    hope your exam went well ><

    by the way, do you have MSN? if you do,
    you can add me on WoBJustice@hotmail.com

  2. Curtis says:

    Josh, All the best in completing the semester!! Hahaha looking forward to your maple stuff (i like your vids) though I’m not playing ms that much anymore =(. I suppose you’ll be taking a break from the forums during those 4 weeks as well?

    @cheryl, I think the temporary “private” blog thing was caused by WordPress. I couldn’t access some other blogs I read which use WordPress in the last few days too. But then it could be just me…

  3. Cheryl says:

    Curtis – ahh… alright, no conspiracy theories then 😛

    Josh – Exam went reasonably well, thank you, trying to focus on my next exam which is tomorrow! Yes, that’s true, you do write a blog for yourself. Although I still find it’s a bit mixed. You’re writing for yourself, but you’ve always also got it at LEAST in the back of your mind that there’s other people reading your words and goodness knows how many important people (like gf/bf, mother, boss, co-worker, manager, lecturer, student etc) who might google you and read what you’d written :P.

    Yeah slightly paranoid heh.

    I don’t use MSN at the moment but I’ll see if I can’t get something sorted out at some point 😉 You take care.

  4. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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