TED TALKS : Gaming can make a better world

Get your window mode on and check this out 🙂



7 Responses to TED TALKS : Gaming can make a better world

  1. Kronau says:

    Hey, do you still have contact with Chris? I havent heard from him since he hit level 200. You should get back on MS some time. I’m back playing again. its changed so much.

  2. Jackovitch says:

    I think Josh would love to get online again xD but he can’t 😛

    btw Josh i miss talking to you ^^ don’t forget your old pal Thomas/Jackovitch

    sadly enough i still play MS… <.< msg me sometime u still have my msn ^^

  3. Matt(dbzkado) says:

    Josh!! I miss you dude.

  4. B says:

    She talks about a lot of good things that come from gaming but she still neglected the most important aspect of actively engaging in gaming – how can we take all of those skills and transfer it to the real world? The motivation for “epic wins”, the social network, and the productivity; we (her) are now barely beginning to find a way to make this work with games that deal with real life issues.

  5. Jackovitch2 says:

    Josh is there someway i can keep in touch with you? i miss talking too you pal :/

  6. ArianaMantia says:

    Neat TED talk. We actually watched that in my English class last semester, as a talking point on how the internet and gaming has affected communication.

    Anyway someone could get in touch with you? I’m sure you’re really busy and all, but I miss talking to you.

  7. Damn, its been a while. Keeping you in my thoughts. Hope you’re doing good. Hah.

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