Old patches

This page consists the latest updates from
Korea Maple Story, China Maple Story, and Taiwan Maple Story
(taken from their official website, translated by me)

There will be minor updates from time to time,
Those small ones won’t be on this page,
but you can find them on my main page

To search a specific update,
use the search function from your explorer
by CTRL + F and enter the name of the patch you wish to view.


Table of contents:

KMS P. 1.2.35 – Guild limit: 100
KMS P. 1.2.38 – Islander
KMS P. 1.2.39 – New Town (3/25/07)
CMS – 4th Job Beta Update
TMS – 4th Job Beta Open Registration
TMS – Fishing System
TMS – New CS Updates (3/29/07)
KMS P.1.2.97 (8/11/07)



KMS P. 1.2.39 – New Town

The March update wasn’t too jaw dropping;
no major change to the game play, although they did add
few interesting things. Check the official patch here

They added the FM Storage in this patch,
which came out few days later than GMS did.


New Scrolling Effect !

They changed the scrolling effect,
we’ll look forward to the whole animation when
it’s released to Global Maple Story.


New Town !

Appreantly a new town is coming out in KMS in the month of April.
Not too much details were given,
only a blurred image of the whole town (reminds me of Tetris).
World map will also be improved,
although we don’t know its exact change.

April will be an interesting month for both KMS and GMS.
A brand new town will be released in KMS, new adventrue,
while GMS might get updates that will enhance the fun.
We’ll look forward to it.


KMS P. 1.2.38 – Islander


The February KMS update mainy focuses on
modifying Maple Island and several added quests in Mu-Long.

Unlike the updates I made before,
I did the translation on the images to make it more reader-friendly.

and like I said, I’m not being obsessive complusive where
I want to translate word-for-word.
I put more efforts in the updates that is
more relative to us GMS community.

Let’s take a look:


in the first image, the translation should be
“Haven’t stayed in the world of Maple Story long enough
and feeling strange and difficult already ?

The Islanders will have more monsters to train on with newly added pots.
(geeze how do you guys enjoy playing…
you must have ninja-like paitence .__.)

The quests in Mulong…they should tell you the reward >_>

Basically they want you to make something for them. that’s all.

Also, KMS just added the Golden Pig as well.
This means that we GMS and KMS got
something new at the same time.

KMS Page



KMS P. 1.2.35 – Guild limit: 100

Most people probably already know about
the +50% speed pig (3rd job) or +70% (4th job) or
the release of 4th job in KMS or the new quest system,

I thought it’s worth a mention that they expanded the guild limit
from 30 people to 100 people.

01. +/- button will show the online/offline list of the guild member
(you can show the list or hide the list)

02. Shows the total number of the guild members and their status (online/offline)

03. The guild list will show 20 members at a time,
click on the arrow to go to the next page.

Appreantly they noticed the need of expanding the list
(just like a thread made on sw.net recently on
needing to expand the 50/50 BL list)

KMS page





CMS – 4th Job Beta Update:

Taken from CMS BBS Discussion thread,


The red text reads:

“We are currently working hard and working on Pre-stage for the translation and other preparation work. We estimate to release 4th Job Beta around April or May

…. We will keep you updated, please keep an eye on our latest news.”

This was posted on CMS blog Fed.27th 2007





TMS – 4th Job Beta Open Registration

TMS is currently recruting players to register for 4th job beta.
The date to sign up is 2/15~2/26, and the ones selected will be announced on 3/1.

TMS page



TMS – Fishing System

This is the information gathered from Offical TMS website.
Appreantly they want the players to explore the detail.
This is what is given:

You must be over level 10, having Fishing Rod, Bait, and Fishing Chair to enter the fishing place. You will fish something every 3 minutes, use mouse to click NPC, and you can access to the record of ‘obtaining items’ (?)


Step 1: Purchase the fishing rod from “Shopping Mall”
(Cash Shop?)

Fishing Rod:

An important equipment to catch fish.
Moreover, this wonderful rod can bring you all kinds of good things like
ores, money (meso), experience points.


Step 2: Purchase the Fishing chair from the “Fisherman”

Fishing Chair:

Fishing requires paitence, and an comfortable chair is an important tool to maintain paitence. You must have Fishing chair in order to fish.

Step 3: Purchase the bait


Bait, must be used with fishing rod, fishing chair.
You can only purchase a set of number of baits in a day.
The leftovers will rot on the next day.

Step 4: Click the “Fisherman” NPC to enter the fishing area
Step 5: Click the Fishing chair to start fishing.



1. The Fishing rod can be used for 30 days

2. Bait is limited of purchasing one set (120 in a set)

3. The Fishing Chair can be used repeatedly after purchase.
But is only useable in the fishing area (to use the sitting command)





When TMS released this patch, it was advertisting by saying
“Gain exp without killing monsters !”
This sounded interested,
and I found a forum page and read few posts (link)

One person shared her experience with fishing:

level 64, spent 20 baits:

1780 Maple Coins (NX)
3497 Experience
Purple Ore
Green Ore
Blue Stone


This system recieved lots of negative feedbacks.
Some people complained that it’s a total waste of money
(spending real money to buy little exp/ores,
With 120 baits you dont always catch ‘fish’)

I’ve read many people telling others to NOT spending NX on this.

TMS page



TMS – New CS Updates (3/29/07)

Back in early Fedurary TMS has the new Gachapon from Japan:

Some special items mentioned in the image are:

Japanese special weapons, Curse scrolls, and lvl 110+ weapons.


The latest update released few interesting features:

New Gachapon:


And the Bear shop permit:

Click the link to see other 4 new CS items.

A brief item description from left to right:
1. New Cellion Hat
2. Fallen Leaf Shied with Raincoat set
3. News paper as clothes
4. Beggar set
5. “Bear bear super market”
(Even bears can help open shop, there’s no way the items won’t be sold!)

I searched the TMS forum page and there was only one thread
on this and it wasnt really helpful.

By the way, toy duck is also available in TMS now.




Quick Translation on Patch 1.2.97


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  1. saver says:

    lol at the fishing sistem
    And the new area seems interesting. IT HAS TO HAVE BIG SNAKES THAT CONSTRICT YOU

  2. StarStelo says:

    i dun understand wen is 4th job coming out for MGS?

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