I’ve made quite a few megaphones.
Sometimes they were intended for pure entertainment
from grinding boredom, or sometimes when someone
spams megaphones which really annoys everyone, I’d
mega and tell that spammer to be quiet.

Here is my collection of my own megaphoes.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy them =]

My very first megaphone.


Back when MorbidxMage spammed megaphones like nothing,
I used few of mine.



Pyro was spamming megaphones.


Just a little joke to lighten up everyone ^_^


It just happend…
the thought came to my head and I wanted to mega it .___.



We do >:O


Noobnick: “Decent, needs work.”

What are you, my teacher grading my homework? >__>



I hate KSing others (serious KS for no reason/personal pleasure).
I was fed up how the people I know at zombie maps
or my freinds getting KSed daily by some jerks.

that’s why I made the mega.




It’s true. Help someone out there
(who needs help and will appreciate your help) ,
you’ll know what I mean 😉


My goodness, these people just wont stop spamming.
Somehow mega spam stopped for a while =]

I was at FM one day and out of boredom I typed the lyric
“I like big butts and I cannot lie” (just being silly)
when I saw what I typed, I misplaced B for N, I cracked up.

So I mega’ed that >~<



People on smega talking crap on xxx hacks this xxx hacks that.
Just voicing out my thought >:3




I thought I might get banned or something >_<;;



This one’s for you, BlaznKid (Jom)


Drove me nuts >__>


Dont spam megas with meaningless messages.


Yes please :3


Funny how some people took me waaay too seriously.



He made several diss on them before.


Stupid Matt. lol


First on the Buddy List. Then told it to Khaini ^^v
This is my personal favorite,
Some replies are hilarious to read, haha.


Khaini was keep spamming megaphones
(This was before Pre-paid card was released which lead to
massive daily mega-spams)

Funny thing is spamming actually stopped.
Kinda creepy O_Oa


Just wanted to get my point acrossed.
The dude not only spams but disrespecting women as well.
Grow up.



My friend told that to me when we went on road trip to Dallas during
Chinese Lunar year and that cracked me up xD





46 Responses to Megaphones

  1. Amy (dslut) says:

    Quite a few megas! Wow hahaha was I like pmsin on buddy chat or what?!?!
    jeez. nice nice i enjoyed readin em all.

  2. Pebs says:

    HAHA, I love reading supermega spam.. thats partly why I spam myself on supermega’s sometiems. The things ppl whisper you are sometimes just hilarious, and I find its a good way to brighten up ur day and have a bit of fun, despite it pissing off the rest of khaini lol.

  3. Moe says:

    Grats supermega’s josh =P


  4. BoredArnold says:

    omg i laughed my balls off at all of these megas.
    can you a second series or something!

  5. Nat says:

    Haha, nice job! Too bad I’m not in Khaini :\

  6. Beau says:

    Hey Josh post mine with the children :O

  7. b0wjob says:

    This b my megaphones plz D:
    I dont know if I SSed it, if I do I’ll send it to you know.

  8.'er says:


  9. Mr Stealth says:

    Holy cow your bl spams. :/

    They out spammed the whisper spammers.

  10. Jackovitch2 says:

    b0w that was how u meet me i can see my comment up there domesins comment XD funny way to meet each oother

  11. B0WJOB says:

    yea, what was the comment again? “STFU NOOB” ? LOL

  12. Jackovitch2 says:

    yup thats right o_0
    i thought u were some kind of newbie wasting megaphones =P
    BUT u were a super pro wasting megas on fun XD

    edited by B0WJOB: please dont break this message into 3 comments ^_^

  13. B0WJOB says:

    Wasting megaphones….?
    Most of them were used to tell spammers to shut up
    or giving a little bit of entertainment to the server..
    I dont WASTE megaphones for fun. people who
    waste megaphones for fun are those you see everyday
    who says meaningless messages

  14. Jackovitch2 says:

    not all but some of them like maple story- were horny people come together

  15. Iph says:

    Loved this mate, great stuff! Hahaha xD

    “Stupid Matt. lol” one, I read azn-nuts on that one, seriously.

  16. Venom747 says:

    ROFLMAO!! those mega phones were sooooooooooooooo funny xD
    especially the “i like big nutts and i cannot lie” and “i put pepper spray onyr hand when we shook hands earlier” XDDD
    so bloody funny! i wish i was in khaini xD

  17. m1lky says:

    I’ve been in khaini forever, never noticed you, but I know every other person in these screens.

  18. Tommy says:

    Great stuff.

  19. Zankarst/Regiiko says:

    Make more smegas, nib.

  20. vDontBlink- xSlacker says:

    AHAHAHAHHA I LOVE YOUR MEGAS! im in a couple of your ss’es too! you will always be my insperation

  21. Blade686 says:

    I LOLed at the “GM told me 1 more idioticsmega –> no 4th job for khaini” XD

  22. B0WJOB says:

    lol. thanks. there were too many spams that time
    and i was like ARGH >:O

  23. AylasBandit says:

    lol i’m in there o.O

  24. uhhh says:

    I’m guessing your name is josh?
    Lmfao @ M.J. smega 🙂

  25. Karina says:

    You know so many of my friends/people I know.
    Decoyyy(he was mentioned ❤ baldy)
    SOLIDSNAKE (He used to been on my BL)
    And others
    Khaini <33


  26. Skye says:

    LMAO a lot of those are effing HILARIOUS. Awesome =]

    But dang, I’m on Scania. D:

  27. Spikey00 says:

    Boy, you have quite alot of SS’s.

  28. ImFromKhainiTOO says:

    lol nice screenshots how long was it ago when u were 61?

  29. Yoda says:

    Lol, I love this. 🙂

  30. PirateHazel says:

    Hey, I found you off of ‘Chronicles of a Bowman’.

  31. crewe27 says:

    dude, you are the most hilarious guy in khaini, imma spam u wen i get on next time! =D

  32. david3de says:

    rofl funny!

  33. 19meeiiko19 says:

    hey, is this true:

    its says 20 mill for $6.00

    is that a scam or true and they are connected to maplestory?

    repley please, 19meeiiko19 is my maple story user

    A RL friend have bough Meso from Meso selling websites and got his money.
    I don’t know what’s the current $/Meso currency ratio,
    but if anything that sounds too good to be true,
    you might want to give it a second thought.

  34. sharman6 says:

    19Meeiko19 is my sister i know now ok and i like your site^_^
    do you play maplestory any more

  35. sharman6 says:

    ummmm is this site ture have your firends bine to there and bought some thing there.please reply

    no its not true. dont buy.

  36. Mible says:

    lool you rock xD

  37. oakaleafy says:

    Lol when i smega, i get like 15 wispers. max.

    kradia sucks. T.T

  38. Windia says:

    I loved reading each and everyone of them. I’ve never seen any smegas that can compare to yours, great job! They’re f’ckin hillarious.

  39. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  40. KelvinLiew says:

    Can i be gm if i join?

  41. Bob... or something says:

    rofl 😀

  42. Austin says:

    aznuts LOL i laughed soooo hard at that, like as in ass nuts XD

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