Hey! forget your old friends !

November 15, 2008


found it here:



Do they HAVE to mention
“get rid of old ones (I believe they are referring to old friends)” ?


Taking a month break – A reflection on my blog

November 8, 2008

edit: a reflection on A reflection on my blog
I meant to write a quick post saying that I won’t be blogging
for the next few weeks but it turned out to be a lengthy post
(well it’s lengthy to me. It was quite some typing)

B0WJOB.wordpress.com was created back in Feb 07
with the intention to preserve Collected Data %/hr for Archers
and Legendary Bowman Equipments, which originally started
in Sleepywood.net/forum.

With that in mind, I also thought I could share
some of my Mapling experiences/stories with fellow Maplers.

Pretty much that was the original intention and direction this
blog was meant for.

See, when I find something I thought was interesting,
I usually wanna share/show it to others too.
Pretty much that’s how I started MS Comic
(translating KMS comic into english)
Also, it was a nice exercise for me to practice my Korean.

A main reason why I stopped editing/translating KMS Comic
is because it was time consuming…
about 1 hour of work for 1 comic strip.
and how many MS comic strips are there ?
like 15 of em? more or less.

Anyhow. Now that Nexon nailed FlowsionMS, and
living in Hong Kong has made GMS inaccessible,
Whats there to share about my Maple experience?

(Is it just me or I’m making this sound very serrrious)

ok anyway im taking a month break because school works
and semester is coming to an end. My winter break
starts in early December and around that time I should
be able to blog more
(with some interesting MS material. at least
I think they will be interesting)

No blogging on MS/random things for the next ~4 weeks.


Leave a comment and I’ll leave my reply.

Have fun MSing or PMSing.


by that I mean Private MSing.

by that I mean playing private server



November 2, 2008


“Crovax’ newest Flash Game can be found at this location
as his old flash games (hunterstory) and the such.
Crovax has been known for making weird ass flash games
relating to Maplestory at random times and updating them when he is bored.
This latest addition to his collection came after being told by
Shirley to do something boring so he can fall asleep.

Enjoy.” – Trunks/Flowsion


AFK, Kingdom of Loathing MMORPG

November 1, 2008

WTF is this game

Kingdom of Loathing

got stuck? check the KoL Wiki

IGN: n__n

Member of the Senams Provocable Nice Guys Clan

Synchronized Presidential Debating Video You’ve Got to See

October 29, 2008

Did watching the 2nd and 3rd debates give you a feeling of d éjà vu?
This montage of synced-up footage from all three presidential debates
confirms our deep-seated belief that every debate was exactly the same.


2 minutes of your time. trust me. You can spend that 2 minutes somewhere else,
and I bet you won’t regret spending the next 2 minutes watching this clip.

First look at Windows 7’s User Interface

October 28, 2008


This looks quite promising :]


*been very very busy. had 4+4 hours of sleep on Saturday/Sunday;
there SHOULDN”T be any big maple-related blog post this week.

Brb KingdomOfLoathing


October 24, 2008