Added: Few pictures from 2007 Summer

I grew interest in taking picture in early 2005.
Me and my roommate, Ray,
used to go out and shoot photos in many places.
With a Canon Powershot camera, I started to engage in photography
and started taking pictures with serious attitude since that summer.

Ray is currently in photography business in Dallas.
This is his website, and this is his Flickr page. Take a look.


Later I worked on campus to save money and
eventually bought myself a DSLR,
Canon Rebel XT (or Canon 350D) in 2006.

Here are my works in the last two years,
these were my favorites, or at least,
the ones that I want to present here as a gallery.

I’ll try to present these images in chonological order.

We’ll go with the flow, see how it turns out =]




Gold Beach

Gold Beach, Hong Kong
15 sec, F 2.8, 6/29/2005


Hong Kong

1/8 sec, F 5, 7/15/2005


Hong Kong
1.6 sec, F 8, 7/16/2005


Thunderstorm (Hong Kong)
15 sec, F 5.6, 8/13/2005


5 sec, F 5, 8/13/2005
Taken from my room’s window.
Woke up by the thunder storm around 3 in the morning. Took over 100+ shots


Downtown Longview

Texas, USA
6 sec, F 4, 8/19/2005
The day right after I returned to my campus,
my friend and I went around downtown and took some shots.



Fall Leaves, Texas
1/40, F 2.8, 10/20/2005
Walked around my campus after dinner,
searching for anything interesting to shoot.
I liked how the colors turned out.
This was how it looked when I took the shot.


Dallas, Texas
8 sec, F 2.8, 11/18/2005
The picture lacks subject. Nevertheless, it’s still a cool shot.


Old School
1/3 sec, F 5, 12/17/2005
My roommate’s old Nintendo collection. I like the composition.


Dallas, Texas
Fall, 2005


Dallas, Texas
Fall, 2005


Dallas, Fall, 2005
My friend’s apartment.



My Campus
Took over 80+ shots from 3 am ~ 4 am.
Thanks to my friend who worked at the security
who let me to get on to the top of the building.


Los Angeles, California
1/200 sec, F8, 12/29/05


Chino Hills, California


In n Out
1/100 sec, F 2.8, 12/19/05
In n Out is one of my favorite Burger place.


3.2 sec, F 4, 12/27/05
Was playing around with my Powershot in the car.
Rotated the camera as the exposure was on for 3.2 seconds.


Irvine, CA, 12/25/05


Frozen Path, CA
1/80 sec, F 3.5, 12/29/05


San Francisco, CA

Panoramic (Multiple shots stitched together)


Alcatraz Prison (aka The Rock), San Francisco
1/200 sec, F 8, 12/29/05
Here is the original shot.


China Town, San Fracisco
1/60, F 3.5, 12/30/05
One of my personal favorites.



2006 – Spring


Slaughter House

Office Space (Original title: Slaughter House)
15 sec, F 4, 2/22/06
Taken at the back of my Frat House.
Took me over 1+ hr to experiment and compose this image.
Definitely one of my works that I put lots of efforts in.


Road Trip to Dallas
Proof my Powershot camera is half-broken sometimes.


Karaoke (노래방), Dallas
1/3 sec, F 8, 3/12/06


3.2 sec, F 2.8, 3/15/06


1.6 sec, F 2.8, 3/15/06


Rush, Six Flag, TX
1/1250 sec, F5, 3/15/06
Do you think I would take a $1000 worth of
DSLR with me as I ride Texas Giant ?
Point-n-Shoot Powershot camera comes in handy sometimes 😉


1/1250 sec, F5, 3/15/06


1/640, F4.5, 3/15/06


Korean BBQ

1/4, F2.8, 3/15/06


Shreveport, Louisiana
5 sec, F 8, 4/01/06


4”, F8, 4/01/06


4”, F8, 4/01/06


My friend shooting pictures.


Rebirth (浴火重生), San Augustine, TX
1/400”, F2.8, 4/14/06
During my frat house trip.


RGB (Red, Green, Blue), San Augustine
Panoramic shot of the lake where my frat stayed over night.


99% of the pictures till now are taken with this Canon Powershot A70

Current price range for this camera (2nd handed)
is from $40~80 on
It was bought for around 200~300$ back in 2002.



The rest of the pictures are taken with Canon Digital Rebel XT,
except the “Zen 3” and three “Central Hong Kong” pictures;
those were taken with powershot camera


(Campus pond)
65 seconds, F11, 5/10/06
Taken with my newly bought D-SLR, Canon Rebel XT
I didnt like it so much in the beginning,
posted on my photo blog and unexpectedly recieved lots of positive comments.
This was taken at 8:51 pm.


Final Exam
1/5 sec, F3.2, 5/01/06
How I took this shot.


Dallas, TX
1/160 sec, F14, 5/27/06


1/200 sec, F9, 5/27/06
I.M.Pei, pride of China.
(He designed this building)



2006 – Summer


Seoul, Korea

30 sec, F16, 6/10/06


City Hall, Seoul, Korea

25 sec, F29, 6/10/06


Nam San, Seoul, Korea

15 sec, F4, 6/11/06


Nam San Tower, Korea

3.2 sec, F4.5, 6/11/06


홍제동, at my friend’s apartment.

30 sec, F14, 6/18/06

Common view in Korea…


Zen 3, ShinChon(신촌), Korea

1 sec, F2.8, 6/19/06 22:46:11 (after 2 years.)


Enter Hong Kong

1/500 sec, F5.6, 6/24/06

I’m back home T.T


1/500 sec, F5.6, 6/24/06


Central, Hong Kong

1/13 sec, F2.8, 7/03/06


1/20 sec, F2.8, 7/03/06


Central, Hong Kong

1/6 sec, F2.8, 7/03/06


Hai Nan Island, China

1/250 sec, F8, 7/08/06


1/160 sec, F9, 7/08/06


Gold Beach, Hong Kong (revisited)

8 sec, F3.5, 8/14/06


2007 – Hong Kong









Feedback, comments, critiques are welcomed.

Thank you for viewing.


54 Responses to Photography

  1. Zazu says:

    OMG Bow! Your photograpghs are awesome! Really,,you have talent, I enjoyed looking through them very much. Keep up the good work!

  2. BluePrince says:

    wow… these are brilliant pics. I just spent over 20 mins looking at these O,o. Nice site. – Back to FoG I go…

  3. Glosem says:

    Whoo BowJob Nice Job =D.
    U really should make them a bigger size so that I can use them as background!


  4. Amy (dslut) says:

    Wow Josh. these pics are amazing! I enjoyed lookin at them! keep it uppp

  5. Grace says:

    Wow beatfiul Pictures you do have a talent thank you for posting them up O_O.

  6. Steven says:

    Dude, NICE pictures. You should go to japan and take a picture of Mt.Fuji at night.

  7. Pebs says:

    OMG Josh, those pictures are amazing, You have great talent. My favourite would have to be Frozen Path… I’d love to have that hanging on my wall. And the one of ur friends apartment with the red leaves. ALso I cant believe you were so calm enough to take pictures on a rollercoaster!

  8. Shelly says:

    NICE photography! You’re really great at what you do… Extremely impressed =D

  9. Rafavert says:

    Wow…I must say these pictures are simply….gorgeous. You got some serious tallent there.

  10. Akito says:

    You stole these pictures from somewhere else. I know I’ve seen them elsewhere. Please don’t steal.

  11. B0WJOB says:

    Dont just say “somewhere else” give evidence to back up your accusation.

    elsewhere ? like where ? sleepywood ?

  12. B0WJOB says:

    I feel a bit offended that you think I stole them
    when I put tremendous efforts (of studying photography) of
    trial, experiment, waiting for the right moment to capture the image,
    and the time that i put into, and someone comes in and blatantly says
    “you stole these works from someone” without even point out WHERE you seen it from.

    the only place I show my photography work OTHER than this blog is my
    old photography blog and sleepywood. anywhere else you see this, chance is that
    OTHER people stole MY work.

    I’m still waiting for your reply.
    I assume your name is AkitoTenkawa,
    if so, check your pm. and reply to me asap.

  13. rydlp15 says:

    Great talent, keep it up. I do digital video ona Canon A540 I love it.

  14. B0WJOB says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, sir

  15.'er says:


    Pro. Fessional.

  16. batcave says:

    wow … just wow,,,

  17. serentor says:

    brilliant photos, i liked that thunder storm one the most, the one u took 100+ pics off.

  18. am0nrahx says:

    I keep forgetting the pictures that my brother took, I’ll get on that asap. He used a Sony Cybershot DSC-F828, it belongs to me but I hardly use it anymore, $1400 camera and I hardly use it. =/

  19. Interjection [Khaini] says:

    I hope you don’t mind me using one of your photographs for a project.

    I’m going to use the “Old School”

    picture for a poster project.

    I’m writing a metaphor for it.
    “Life is a game, Play them to the fullest.”

  20. Interjection [Khaini] says:

    Woops. Wrong picture. BIDOOOF

  21. B0WJOB says:

    Sure thing ! It’s my honor

    here’s a larger version if you ever need.

  22. Wow B0W, these pics are totally amazing, they’ve inspired me to start taking some photos myself ^__^

    First, I need to buy a decent camera other than the iSight built into my MacBook Pro 😛

  23. Tommy says:

    The picture with the red leaves above the drain is beautiful. 11/10!

    It’s not so often you see something like that, and the way you captured the shot is just as astounding. I even set it as my desktop back round, LOL xD.

  24. pongii says:

    Wow, I sworn I saw these pictures before. I think it was on honda-tech…? But I don’t remember, I think it was on some car forum…

  25. pongii says:

    Oh, nevermind I’m trippin’. lol

  26. Michie says:

    These photos are awesome!
    I love your overhead set-up On Final Exam; quite the contraption, haha.

  27. B0WJOB says:

    thanks Michie,
    I’m going to add more photos this weekend
    and if you want you could rate them for me ^^

  28. lightcharge says:

    These are really good pictures, nice job!

    I also like the way you setup that shot for the final exam picture, looks pretty hard to keep balanced, lol.

  29. GGitzAly says:

    love em

  30. Skye says:

    These are amazing =] is that the UT tower? Or do you go to UTD, since (I’m assuming) you live in Dallas?

  31. Skye says:

    Oh wait, I forgot I asked that question before, in your “about me” page. Haha sorry XD

    Wow, LeTourneau is 15 minutes away from where I live. Haha I’m close to a Khaini celeb XD

  32. B0WJOB says:

    O_O Skye, you live in Longview? 😮

  33. Skye says:

    Nah, I live in Plano. It’s close, though.

  34. Skye says:

    Wait just kidding, not 15 minutes. More like 4 hours XDD rofl.

  35. B0WJOB says:

    lol :p

    Longview is 2 1/2 away from Dallas fyi

  36. gameguard says:

    awesome your the reason I started word press for my maple story guild

  37. Goggyfour says:

    You really have an eye for color photography (unusual o_o;;), and I love the exposure shots (keeping futurism alive–time and motion :o)…

    Hmm…why not apply your photography skill to your MS video productions? There’s no limit to where a viewfinder can go. It all depends on where you want it to be.

  38. B0WJOB says:

    I need to learn how to control the “camera” of MS video…
    I dont know how to zoom with motion and “move around”
    we’ll see xP

  39. akumeiji says:

    First second i see the one on the ride at six flags, I was thinking, “Wow he so pro to hold a camera on a ride like that.”

    Really nice work Josh, you made me want to go to all the places you took pictures of =D. You really captured the essence of every one of those pictures =D.


  40. Kevo says:

    Your pictures are really amazing! My pictures always end up horrible =P~

  41. Nancy says:

    Joshhhhhh, this is isupervato.

    Your photos are wonderful. You have no idea how impressive they are !

    thanks vato :O
    I wish my laptop is fixed so i can get the latest pictures :l

  42. Ray Detwiler says:

    This is directed at Akito – even though its almost been a year (i just saw this blog…)
    I have known this dude (josh) since 2005 and I can attest that he took every one of those images. I was either with him when he took them or I saw the original files.
    so there! HA

    Now Josh… how about putting up some Florida pics??? hmmm????

    I taught him everything he knows guys!
    just kidding.
    kinda. 🙂


    and thanks for your verdict, ray.
    I have more pics than Florida ones
    but my laptop is still broken and my roommate is going to try to fix it this weekend
    you can check some pics that i put up on Facebook meanwhile.

    oh, also,…bah. let’s talk on gmail

  43. Exquiztsin says:

    Btw it’s Chino Hills not Chino Hill. 🙂

    :O thanks for correcting

  44. Frank says:

    Wow, very nice pictures. I’m impressed.

  45. Ryan says:

    Hey, just commenting to say your photographs are well thought out and thought provoking. I only recently started a blog, and I’m still waiting for a new world in Europe Maple Story before I can properly start it. However I would be honored if you could possibly take a look at my digital photography page and tell me what you think.

    sure thing, would you tell me your blog’s url?

  46. Ryan says:

    Yeah sure, heres the link:

  47. blogergy says:

    Hey thanks for the great comments on my blog. Also the website you showed should prove useful. So yeah thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  48. TeeKay says:

    Wow your amazing

  49. Steven says:

    i like that nintendo pic!

  50. JanKn says:

    Awesome photos! You should submit this page to StumbleUpon. =P

    Looking forward to seeing more of them.

    I’m a photography noob (the phone cam kind) and I’m wondering : Why is the resolution so small? I was planning to use some of these as wallpapers. =D

  51. AppleRawr says:

    Cool!! Nice photography! I use a 400D! ^_^

  52. Blackjack says:

    The following time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to learn, but I truly thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you can repair should you werent too busy looking for attention.

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