lvl 100

Here is the story of my
final hour from lvl 99 to lvl 100

I got into a great Squid party to finish off the last +5%

He is referring to how I hit my lvl 90

I was going to level off at zombie map,
my friends were on their way to Z4 and
some of them were already there waiting.

Somehow I was being an air head and
was killing monsters along the way and boom

xMathGeekx (Alex) and I went on the boat to Ellinia together.
On the way someone accused him a hacker
and said he saw him hacking at Vikings.
Funny thing is,
Alex went striaght to Squids after hitting lvl 85 from Zombies.

He failed at false accusation and we were all laughing at him.
I should have SSed that

It was hectic getting all my friends and guildmate together.
My guildmates were already waiting for me at ZMM map
and they have waited for a long time.
Due to some people’s lack of time management (including myself)
getting everyone together took a whole lot longer than I thought.

I dont have the SS, but we actually went to Zombie Mushmom’s map
and I was planning to level there.
My guild was already there and camped for over 40 minutes,
but two DK came by and even though I talked to them beforehand
in chat explaining my situation
and they said “ok”,
“I am going to hit lvl 100 with my friends watching,
will you let me level here?”
one of the DK girl KSed all of us when ZMM spawned.
Commonly seen jerk maplers. there is more story to it =/

So I decided to level off from Ice Drake. (Which came out this week)

I just had to buy this weather message to thank everyone
for being paitent with me while we are waiting
for the last few friends coming to meet us.

Khaini inside joke


Alex offered his help by partying with me and went along to kill
some drakes and I have about 90 exp left to level.

That’s when one of the guild member,
SageOfThor summoned monster on the top.


Words were spreading right after I hit 100,
I got a few whispers from people that are connected with my friends
(Buddy, guildmate, of buddy of buddy) right after I leveled

Then there’s the Super Megaphones

Chuump’s megaphone was responding to EnjoiDaPanda’s megaphone
that I missed to take Screenshot. He is one of those
frequent megaphone user who is considered as a spammer,
and he megaphoned something like

“Congrats you now finally turned legit”

and everyone went WTF.

I am happy that I hit lvl 100,
and I was told that I became the 7th Ranger in Khaini 2 weeks ago.
I’m not extremely excited or
overwhelmed with joy of hitting lvl 100.

But instead,
I am touched how my friends and guildmates showed me love
by wasting their 1 hour just so
everyone can get together and see me level.
The megaphones and the whispers were a bunch of

Lastly, I want to make a special shoutout to my brother, Vulcun.

He is lvl 70 I/L mage and he plays a LOT less than I do,
mainly he is a junior in High school and
he has SATs and colleges to worry about.

Without my brother, I wouldnt made this far.
Without him, I wouldnt be in WayOfBushido,
which is my one and only guild that I have been into in my whole Maple career.
It really sucks that he couldnt make it to see me level.
Afterall, we live half a world apart. >__>

if maple story was single player game
I would have quitted when I was lvl 3x


18 Responses to lvl 100

  1. Matt says:

    lol good thing its a mmorpg

  2. RussianxD says:

    i was there ;D

  3. Enjoidapanda says:

    😀 what a Microphone i made 😀

  4. Lukeumsteely says:

    Is any one selling a hermit

  5. Epocolipse says:

    LOL gratz. i dunno if u remmeber me but we were chillin at de fm when u were lvl 99. i asked if we could buddy but ur list was full. u had 2 go, said somethin about a squid party. well now i know y u left 4 dat party. WAS 2 LVL! well i say gratz 1 more time, and hey. mabye we’ll c eachother around. L8tes!!!!

  6. B0WJOB says:

    thanks, and see you around in game 🙂

  7. TheAdam says:

    O yas O yas C.rog plox.

  8. LightCharge says:

    Nice, level 100.

    I whispered you in-game once, but that was a long time ago and I’m not sure what level you were, but I was on my nooby archer, lol.

    Now I made a new guy called LightCharge, and He’s level 31 so far. I took a picture of him at every level, and in most pictures, when the level up is showing :P.
    (My new blog:

    I can’t believe how many friends you have and how much they influence your playing experience, wow. Most of my friends are from Kerning PQing lol, I became master and got into 6 PQ’s in Kerning in a row once XD.

    Also, gratz on a level a lot higher than level 100, lol. =D

  9. DS al Coda says:

    Sit B0WJOB is playing with the texture on LOW? D:

  10. TehShark says:

    Lol. I see so many old school Khainians in your ss’s.
    Funny to see them all lk 100 levels higher.

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  12. Omnislash says:

    lol gratz man and WTF mathgeek hacks 0.0

    that’s using notepad to pass the filter. quite a few people know this.

  13. sharman6 says:

    hey is this ture its said that $6.28 for 20mil if it is ture PLEASE REPLY BECAUSE MY SISTER SAID THE SAME THING TO. please reply because i want 20 mil to buy maplesheild and stuff

    try merchant. dont buy meso. if u get caught you get banned. you dont have to spam the same question in different places in my blog.

    why not ask basil. im not a meso buying expert.

  14. Justin says:

    who is Msfriday

  15. anonymous says:

    ur an attention whore just like most maple story players. i bet on ur birthday the whole world needs to know u were born

  16. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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