I am a Khaini Archer.

Wanted to find a time killer when summer vacation started in 06.
I thought I couldn’t make it past lvl 50, knowing that you mostly grind.
I was tempted to hack (I want big number level!), and I told my
friend my thinking. He advised me, saying that hacking will make you
gain level fast, but you wouldn’t be able to really enjoy the game.
After some thinking,
I decide to go legit all the way and see
how far I can go.
“After all,” I thought, “there’s more to do than leveling”

look at me now, level 130


My training areas are very simple.

lvl 35~lvl 51: Ludi PQ
lvl 55~lvl 83: Zombies
lvl 84~130: Squids/Goby


Because of my school life and other things going on,
I stopped leveling after hitting lvl 130 on June 2007.
I’m still around Khaini, currently selling Magic rocks
and Summoning rocks for cheap price
(5200~5500 each) to trainers….as a way to contribute
to Khaini I guess :p






Level 40 on 6/04/06



Level 50 on 7/14/06



Level 60 on 8/22/06



Level 70 on 10/22/06



Level 80 on 11/22/06



Level 90 on 12/21/06



Level 100 on 1/11/07



Level 110 on 2/25/07



Level 120 on 4/14/07

lvl 120


Level 130 on 6/03/07

lvl 130


lvl 60 on 8/22/06
lvl 70 on 10/22/06
lvl 80 on 11/22/06
lvl 90 on 12/21/06
lvl 100 on 1/11/07
lvl 110 on 2/25/07
lvl 120 on 4/14/07
lvl 130 on 6/03/07



Kawarimi no Jutsu !




53 Responses to B0WJOB

  1. Scott says:

    I thought it would be cool if you posted where you trained from your level transitions (IE, 50-60, 60-70, and so forth.) I am a Level 50 hunter is trying to make this game more fun. Thanks in advance.

  2. b0wjob says:

    Good idea, it’s now added. ^^

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks a bunch lol. I’ve been suggested Jr Yetis/Stone Golems at 50. I’m just stumped where to train after I hit 51, being that I can’t PQ anymore >

  4. Neonian says:

    I just wanna know how you made 39 levels in the time it took me to make 12 O=.

  5. Goggyfour says:

    That’s one sexy pris. o_o

  6. Wolfe says:

    B0W=Pokgai of gms

  7. Curryboi says:

    You haxx0r! Stop haxx0rzing!

  8. Curryboi says:

    Btw, Wolge, that was HUGE insult to Pokgai. B0WJOB is noob. Vulcun is pro.

  9. B0WJOB says:

    I really should add CandyArrows on BL and KS sachin>:3

  10. B0WJOB says:

    Dont compare me to Pokgai.
    he is he and I am me. =]

  11. Goggyfour says:

    Yes, it is easy to see that pokgai is a completely different archer. I think he was speaking in terms of fame. Except I’m not entirely sure how either of you are famous. Maybe I should post more on Sleepy.

  12. Jackovitch2 says:

    b0wjob is very famous in my own little world he is king to me god b0w

  13. saver says:

    I never thought you would reach that high b0w. Could I have a Bowjob :3?

  14. Wolfe says:

    He reminds me of him. Pokgai is my friend so he is always > to bowjob.

  15. B0WJOB says:

    yea, dont compare me to Pokgai. He is he and I am I.
    and that’s that =]

  16. Max says:

    I lub u jawsh

  17. Draelzen says:

    Grats on 120!

  18. Tommy says:

    Cool, diligent guy. Highly intelligent also. lol

    I always thought your mega’s were funny, and you seemed like a great guy in buddy chat when I was on my friends account.

    Nice history by the way.

    Pictures like this make me want to play again.

  19. B0WJOB says:

    who’s your friend ? o.o

  20. Tommy says:

    iHEARThugs, XD.

  21. B0WJOB says:

    Oooo ! I miss Jisoo >.

  22. Anarii says:

    Josh i love your items.

  23. latuh(maplesea) says:

    hi,i am lvl 59 hunter. Can i add my skill like 3 the blessing… ,full the eye…,critical.. double shot,, and 1 arrow blow and 9 focus.And 2nd job is max all thing but only add 1 in pnb.3rd job is is max all thing only add 21 in fire shot and no add in thrust.And what place should i go to train,i am train at night forest now and do pq.Can send me the ans in my email? TY TY ^^

  24. B0WJOB says:

    E-mail sent, but in case you didn’t receive it:

    for 1st job, you definitely need to max:

    Eye of Amazon
    Critical (helps to increase your damage)
    Double Shot (There’s debate on Arrow Blow and Double Shot…I go for DS)

    For 2nd Job, I go for FA-less build since FA is only useful for lvl 6x
    but useless for 3rd job, it might even hinder you and get you killed when you fighing
    boss due to unwanted triggering of FA. I’d eventually max everything but FA.

    I find MB (3rd job) really helpful for goby and squid training.
    I dont know how 4th job training places will be like,
    but from my experience, Inferno isnt that useful for the training maps that is offered (In GMS at least)
    Thrust is up to your will.

    I trained from lvl 55 to 83 at Zombies. I know there’s other options such as FoG and other places,
    I suggest you to look into guides written by other archers on training areas

    I find the following link helpful:


    hope it answers your question.
    Have fun Mapling

  25. iangelial says:

    Hi B0wjob~
    Could I like my site to urs?
    And hopefully u link to mine too?

    I’m IAngelial btw. and my site is:

    Will this be a spam? o.0
    Hopefully not.
    Liked ur mass scrolling vids~
    funny yet interesting~

  26. B0WJOB says:

    lol its not a spam,
    thanks for liking my Scrolling Vid xD
    I made that for fun =p

    and I’m glad to link your site

  27. Jackovitch2 says:

    hey b0w its me jack heres the link to my 3rd job vid as u asked for =)

  28. DeeJayN says:

    Good luck with your future mapling B0WJOB! Nice to know there are other legit players out there in gMS! Too bad im in Windia


  29. Pinnelot---EMS says:

    Hi there,
    I´m a lvl 63 hunter from EMS. So… should i rly train at zombies? I´m training at fog. I hope i´ll be the best Ranger (we dun have the 3rd job yet -cries-) / BowMaster. Ur rly clever. I never thought this way — taking low things to raise DEX . U rly shown me a cool and strong getting way. So thanks for all.

    And gl on ur way.

  30. B0WJOB says:

    Wao thanks for the comment 😮

    I have no idea on FoG training since I never had the chance to do so
    (I was training at Goby/Squid when FoG came out)

    one thing you can do is compare the %/hr exp
    by training at Zombie map and FoG and see which one is better

    OR you can see how others did on my %/hr thread

  31. latuh(maplesea) says:

    when lvl 70, wan add strafe or arrow rain more good for training at mixed golem?

  32. B0WJOB says:

    I never trained at FoG la,
    so i dont know ar 😦

    After a quick research I say
    get some Strafe first and some puppets (3 or 6)
    and rain later

    if you wanna know more you can check these 2 threads:


  33. urbanways says:

    err I’m starting to have questions about the 3rd job build I was going to use which was IAngeliaL’s 3rd job build.

    0 Thrust
    11 Mortal Bow
    20 Puppet
    30 Inferno
    30 Hawk
    30 Strafe
    30 AR

    But currently I’ve heard much controversy against the use of Inferno and that there isn’t much of a use for it but I see Angelia use it in her training vids at Dreamy Ghosts all the time so i don’t know…

    Also from before i heard that Hawk needed to be level 30 for it to unlock phoenix but apparently people are saying it only needs to be 20. (I’m planning to stick with 30 just incase)

    Now hearing you say that Inferno really isn’t that great of a skill just makes me wonder even more… I saw this build and i was wondering if you could rate it and tell me what you thought?

    0 Thrust
    20 Mortal Bow
    20 Puppet
    21 Inferno
    30 Hawk
    30 Strafe
    30 AR

    I remember reading somebody say that Mortal Bow wasn’t as useful as it seems but then Pokgai said that Mortal bow is really good to have maxed in 4th job X.x

    Please shine some light on my dilemma >.<

  34. Bull5Eyez says:

    WOOT!!! You’ve a website of your own!!
    Dude, you’re the most respectable ranger in Khaini!!! (at least in my opinion) =)

  35. panda says:

    hi.. what sever u ar? can i have ur acc if u lay the maplestory? plzzz thzzz a lot !!!!! i will be waiting for u and ur acc !!! if u lay it plzz send me a user name and password!!!! haha ! u so good on maplestory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. B0WJOB says:

    If I lay MapleStory? well, I haven’t really seriosuly played the game
    since June and I’m gonna get busy with life.

    but I’m not gonna give my acc away 100%
    I doubt you can guess the pin,
    plus I think they DC you if you enter the wrong pin.

    But here’s what you are asking for:


    the first number of my pin is 7.

    good luck. I doubt you can get it anyway =p

    and you dont know what server i play?
    do a lil more research kid.

  37. Zankarst says:


    lol o_O

  38. B0WJOB says:

    that guy was off the ranking. too bad.
    I think we talked a lil before.

    didn’t know he’s still around

  39. tobaditsSIN says:

    hey josh… Jesus told me i might be able to reach you here. I want to ask you something.. visit maple sometimes please soon. late

  40. B0WJOB says:

    aite dude. Don’t use the name of God/Jesus in vain if you can ><

    I’m on vacation and I’ll be back in about a week or so.

    shoot me an e-mail if you wanna talk in private WoBjustice@hotmail.com :O

  41. piggyhan says:

    WOW ~!! you trained so FAST!! not even one year you get to lvl 130 le~~ i wander how you train ..izit like.. 24hours per day?=p or double exp every day? XD i train till so so so sian le but still only lvl 90 =X haiz~ if you can reply me please tell me why you can train so fast .. T.T thank you ^^ my char. [ piggyhan ] is in cass /maplesea =p.

  42. urmom says:

    dude no offense but the name B0WJOB doesnt sounds right, if u get wat im sayin

  43. OxNumber2xO says:

    *pokie* =p

  44. LukzSinz says:

    hahas, I am a mit current lvl 88 in aq. from MSS and ur experience is indeed very thrilling^^ I wish i was like u… So muc messo to spend on scrolls xD but due to me being pure luk, i am kinda broke so hoping to b on my feet wif mils wif mii agn ^^

    money comes slow… i spent all my mesos lately and im down to almost nothing xP
    sounds like your class costs quite some expense 😮

  45. Chris(Not your friend) says:

    LOL, wow. 😀

    I love the people that copied your name, haha.

    I found a bunch more on rankings. 😀

    really? like who ? o.O

  46. V0xAznSinx0V says:

    Hey i see you got to lvl 130! nice job my highest lvl is not even lvl 50 -_-
    just not enough patience grinding… my current acc is lvl 40 sin
    i hope i can get it to at least lvl 70..any training advice or how to prevent training boring?

    training IS boring. people who can train for a long time always end up being a training zombie :p
    um. watch TV or movie while you train can kill the boredom. (if the monsters aren’t too tough)

  47. Justin says:

    HI ,

    I am the owner of the Great Fangblade…

    I play all kinds of ms like brasil european, ect …

    All my chars are over lvl 190.

    YOU NEED TO GO AND PLAY with me contact mdkielich@atrium.ca


  48. 25mL says:

    joooosh <3333


  49. OMGWOW says:

    Dude I dont know if you’ll remember me anymore but its amazing how i stumbled on your blog… Like i’m still in awe.. Anyway it me “kilerinstinx” I was a fire mage we were in the WayofBushido guild together… but still it was awesome seeing your blog again haha it took me wwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy back to the old days when i was 5x and going strong haha. Well i’ll leave my email here… osazee74@hotmail.com

  50. Robyn says:

    Thanks for another great submit, That i appreciate studying that which you ought to declare even if I would not usually consent. It’s not the identical we have found Indonesia. Asians it’s possible notice it somewhat in a different way. Which i like to find an Asian girl’s perspective.

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