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*Under Construction and probably will
take a while to fully finish the page :O


A collection of videos I’ve made and published on YouTube.

For these videos,
I’ll be adding additional informations/trivia
just for the fun of this.

To search for specific video title/info,
use the search function from your explorer
by CTRL + F and enter the name of the video.




Small videos:

  • Goby Fun
  • lvl 120 After Party (Papulatus)
  • Unfinished Work – B0WJOB lvl 120
  • lvl 130 TRAILER
  • Finishing last 3 slots of (Started with 2/5 slots) Casa Crow



Major Projects:

  • B0WJOB’s Scrolling Story – (Made Over 300 Mil Pure Profit)
  • B0WJOB’S lvl 120 Video (by JonXUS7)
  • B0WJOB’s lvl 130 (v2) – Part 1
  • B0WJOB’s lvl 130 (v2) – Part 2


Future Videos

  • A Cursed Scrolling Story TEASER (pre-production)
  • A Cursed Scrolling Story TRAILER (rumored)
  • A Cursed Scrolling Story
  • A Bowmaster’s Dream by B0WJOB (rumored)




Goby Fun
Added: April 06, 2007



Clips of friends breaking only the Goby houses
and gathered a large quantity of Gobies.
(No Rating)

3xiledSlayer, SnipeMeHard, SoloWingPixy

Song used:
Hypnosis – Banya

About “Hypnosis”:
This song is one of the stages in Korean DDR (called PumpItUp)
It is a game that my friends and I got hooked into when
I was in Chinese middle school back in Korea.
Almost everyday after school we would go to arcade place
and just jump on the machine, have fun and ‘sharpen’ our skills

This is a short and upbeat song that I thought is suitable
for a short footage like this.

Interesting facts:
– This is probably my first time making a video with video editing program.
– Few players thought they vacced the Goby house in the video.
I wonder if they ever trained there themselves >:)



lvl 120 After Party (Papulatus)
Added: April 14, 2007

-Video no longer released to the public.
The footages might be used in the future-

Featuring (to name a few):
BoiledFrog, Depnoa, xMaTHGeekx(PrincessAIex), SoloWingPixy, and more



Unfinished Work – B0WJOB lvl 120
Added: July 15, 2007


Clip I made that never went to the actual lvl 120 Video


– Was originally going to make a lvl 120 video on my own,
but handed the production over to Freaks Production/JonXUS7
and scratched this video
– The original idea for the lvl 120 Video was to consist 3 parts:
1. SSs of Reminiscence/Friends/Journey to 120,
2. Clips on hitting lvl 120,
3. Stereotypical MS-monster killing at lvl 120

– Each part of the video has its own theme song,
while the transition from part 1 to part 2 consist a song of its own

Songs planned to use in the video that never made it:

[Transition] The Realest Killas (Instrumental)
by 50 Cent ft. 2Pac (2Pac Resurrection OST)

[Hitting lvl 120] Temujin – Toshiro Masuda
(大激突!幻の地底遺跡だってばよ OST)

[Moster killing] He’s a Pirate – Hans Zimmers
(Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl OST)

Friends that appeared in the video that is no longer in MS:

AzNtsUbasaX, BadNinjustu, Beauner, BlaznKid, chuump, drunkenslutt,
iHEARThugs, Sabbacc, studybuddy, XbowXsniper, ZazuQT, …



lvl 130 TRAILER
Added: July 18, 2007



– The actual video is released (6 weeks) after the trailer
– The trailer was produced by Freaks Production/JonXUS7
– Jon is the only person that have accessed to B0WJOB’s account
(My brother knows my info, but he doesn’t count)

– The B0WJOB you see in the trailer was not by me;
it was by Jon the Ice Mage (now a Sin)
– In exchange of telling him my account info,
Jon told me his account info out of his will.
– Now both of us forgot each other’s account information
(I forgot his and he said he forgot mine :3 )
– I loved the trailer; I thought what Jon made totally kicks ass xD



Finishing last 3 slots of (Started with 2/5 slots) Casa Crow
Added: December 15, 2007


– Will be updated –



A Bowmaster’s Dream by B0WJOB

Plot Outline:
A young archer/a Bowmaster/a master of Bowmaster

– Because this project is categorized as rumored,
the data is subject to change or removed.
– Though I am ambitious about this project,
chance is that it will be made/released in the
near future due to extreme busy life


10 Responses to Videos

  1. .wind says:

    yay first comment.

    you have nice videos bow, what program do you use>

  2. B0WJOB says:

    Sony Vegas 7.0
    Windows Movie Maker

    thanks for the comment :p

  3. Yoda says:

    Cool videos. 😀

  4. david3de says:

    lucky u >_<

    4/5 30%s
    i lost my zard from doing that

  5. Stelo says:

    I found a secret to your scrolling trailer


    use bow
    that’s my jod 😀

  6. Stelo says:

    I meant job*

    awesome ! you are the 2nd person who found that message!
    There’s actually ANOTHER one right after that 😉

  7. Stelo says:

    This trailer took 13 hours to make how ridiculous is that? -_-

  8. Stelo says:

    you wasted like an hour of my life trying to get those 2 messages.

    I could’ve just told you.. 😦

  9. Stelo says:

    I hate u Josh

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