edit: not anymore lol

.WayOfBushido is back in business !!

Contact BadNinjutsu if you want to rejoin the guild !!


About Our Guild


Way of Bushido started in early/mid February 2005,
with a band of ten people led by BadBushido,
now better known by the name of his second avatar BadNinjutsu.


The guild was formed under the premise that community
and family are most important in dealing with others,
even in something as simple as an MMORPG.
We are a charitable guild, putting first the needs of others and
striving to build a large, solid family of sensible, mature players.


We hope to one day be recognized as one of the
positive guilds of the Khaini server.
In our pursuit, we also are building alliances with other guilds
whose ideals are similar to our own


Your character’s level is not as important compare to
how you display your personality and character in the game.




Way of Bushido members WILL:

– Demonstrate loyalty to the guild in all aspects of their gameplay.

– Adhere to the covenant set before them
as they gain entry into the guild.

– Respect fellow Maplers, and lend a helping hand
within reason whenever they have the means.

– Maintain a level relative minimum weekly guild donation,
to be detemined by the guildmaster.

Way of Bushido members WILL NOT:

– Willingly disobey the will of the guildmaster.

– Partake in any conduct that could sully the good name of the guild.
These activities include looting, scamming, random defaming of anyone
not recognized on the guild Black List, and any other actions that are
widely frowned upon.

– Adopt the use of hacking tools, or promote their use to illegally
enhance the game’s play mechanic.

– Take part in any private dealings that affect the guild on the whole,
without sanction of the guildmaster.

Sell items between guild members.
It means Items traded from member to meber
are to be done so without cost,
unless the recieving player absolutely insists upon paying for the item.

(We believe that there is no reason that as a guild
we should focus on profiting off one another,
and in using free trade may alleviate some of our FM worries.)


If you are interested in our guild or want to leave comment,
go to the sleepywood.net/forum thread:

WayOfBushido Recruiting lvl 30+

(Go to sleepywood.net/forum -> Khaini World Forum ->
Guild Hall -> WayOFBushido Recruiting)



If you see any members from WayOfBushido
hacking, harassing, and act in any intolerable negative behavior
(KSing others without a justifiable reason,
disrespecting other maplers),
please report to BadNinjutsu or B0WJOB. Thank you



Event: 1 Year Anniversary

WayOfBushido’s first birthday BASH


BadNinjutsu (Guild Master) had the party all planned out,
unfortunatelly he had real life conflict which he couldn’t log into the game.
We still hosted a party nontheless.



Gathering people (2/18/07)



guild picture


Then it’s time to goof around/having fun

OBoraO and I morphed into monsters



People keep attacking us T.T


Megaphone announcement, thank you Matt ^^


And so people came by:








I said something like:

“You guys killed my brothers,
I’m gonna revenge for them,


Then I had to go to celebrate Lunar New Year with my friends,
The party was pretty fun =]



(Saving this for documenting)

Bushido Shutting Down :


Due to guild master BadNinjutsu’s (BN) schedule which
makes him unable to be active enough to run a guild,
WayOfBushido will be joining SlipAway.

In other words, WayOfBushido is shutting down.

After a week long of e-mailing back and forth,
BN mentioned about disbanding the guild because
of his real life situation. I suggested to partner with
another guild that has similar ideal and goal as Bushido,
Which SlipAway is one of the guilds that came to my mind.

I have known the two founders of SlipAway for a long time.
Chegeh (now inactive) and AlyssaAnn (leader) are both
cool cats and we’ve been friends for a while.
I believe that under Alyssa’s leadership,
the members in SlipAway will grow not only stronger
but also be one of a positive force/influence to Khaini community.

After all, both WayOfBushido and SlipAway has a common goal
of respecting each other and be a good influence to others.

After hours of discussion at FM on saturday night,
Alyssa, BN and I have come to several agreements.

This is my first guild ever, from lvl 3x to 121.
Though it is sad to see this guild shutting down,
it’s spirit will live on through SlipAway.
I have met great individuals throughout my time in the guild.
and will look forward to maintain as friends even though
we will be parting our way.

This is currently what I want to say.

My last job is to escort all active members to SlipAway
(or join other guild or remain guildless, whatever their wish is)
and my mission will be completed.


Leaving WayOfBushido

the following SSs are just meant to be documented




17 Responses to WoB

  1. AznTrinity says:

    You should make a page of dopeturtles soon lol

  2. B0WJOB says:

    Nah, WoB is the guild that I’ve taken a great responsibility for
    and even if I’m in DopeTurtles, this page remains..

    I should update this page …

  3. B0W, are you staying in DopeTurtles then, or are you going to join SlipAway?? Just wondering because I’m a little confused 😮

  4. B0WJOB says:

    I moved on and joined DopeTurtles.
    As you can see in my recent posts, I am under the guild DopeTurtle of Khaini

  5. AznTrinity says:

    You should make a page of both WoB and dopeturtles

  6. B0WJOB says:

    I took a large role/responsibility in WoB that I treat it as my own guild sometimes.
    In DopeTurtle I enjoy being a member. It’s different kind of guild and I like how it is =]
    I don’t find myself the best/right person from the guild to be the one to make a page,

  7. AznTrinity says:

    lol, okay

  8. StarStelo says:

    yo man i havent been seein u on lately n keep on lvlin n be # 1 n if u have space plz lemme be the 1st one u add man n ttyl Josh

  9. Stelo says:

    when was the last time u talked to bn and is there even a small possibility that hes coming back cuz i think i saw him like 3-4 months back

  10. Stelo says:

    BN IS BAK WOOT! IM IN WpB right now and so is Jack and Sage

  11. B0WJOB says:

    awesome, I got BN and Mia on my BL 😀

    • BadNinjutsu says:

      Just Checking in on you Josh, hoping you are doing well. Mia and I returned to maple recently. I don’t know if you’re playing at all but it is friggin’ HUGE now. We started a new guild on the renegades server, and are having a good time of it so far. It would be great to hear from you again, man, I hope you get this message.

  12. BadNinjutsu says:

    Yo, back in business man, as you can see. Holla at me whenever. You see any old guildies, tell em they can come back if they like. later!

  13. Stelo says:

    I heard something about seeing a WoB member online, not sure if its true though.

  14. ImHypedD says:

    The way you experienced maple story looks like fun. i wish I was there before maple was full of bullies.

  15. Jackovitch2 says:

    Goood… this brings back memories :/ WoB was unquestionably the best guild i’v EVER been in 🙂

    WoB PRIDE!!!

    • BadNinjutsu says:

      it was good to have you, Jack. I miss the old guild. The wife and I are back on the Renegades server now, and created a new guild.

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