In the village

“Hero! Hero! Please help! Monsters are attacking the village!”

“Certainly, what should I do?”

“Uh… Kill ten of them!”

“… Just ten? Not, like, kill until they stop attacking?”

“No, ten’s fine.”

“Er… OK. Whatever.”


“OK, I killed ten monsters.”


“Uh, shouldn’t you be going and telling the villagers that they’re safe or something?”

“Nah, they’re not safe. The monsters will never stop attacking.”

“Oh. …Well, um, do you want me to go kill ten more?”

“Nah. I think I’ll just stand here forever instead.”


7 Responses to In the village

  1. Jackk says:

    Woah, hey Josh. I didnt think you still posted here. I pulled up my blog for something, and found yours and figured I’d visit, and lo and behold, a 4 day old post. Send me an email sometime. We have lots of catching up to do, I bet. I’m REALLY curious how you’re doing and whatnot.


  2. uggcheap says:

    This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.ddwee

  3. Ariana says:

    Hey man, glad to know you’re still alive. IM is still the same, hit me up sometime. I’d love to know how you’re doing.

  4. jackovitch2 says:

    Hey Josh good to see that you are still somewhat active 😀 i hope you still remember me ^^ domesin jackovitch and so on ^^
    if you happen to read this… today is the day where i finally reach lvl 120 on jackovitch2 😛 big accomplishment ^^

  5. Matt says:

    Dear Josh/B0wjob,

    I wish you luck in life, and after life.
    You truely are a good, honest person.
    I looked up to you alot while i played maplestory,
    and i let you know that…
    I will remember you forever, you definitely impacted my life.

    You are a legend.

    -Matt / Dbzkado

  6. Jackk says:

    Checking in in 2018. Dunno if you still remember me but hi.

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