A 450k Story

As I was looking for bow scrolls in FM entrance,
I got a trade request from McLeod23.
I accepted the trade, and after few compliments
about my character, he started ask me for money.
Not just “meso plz”, but he asked for 450k.

Thinking “Ugh not another guy asking for free stuff =/”,
I put on 20 Ice Cream Pop and let him had it.

(There were more talking but this is the short version;
he was saying he’s poor and he wants to buy attack pot and such)

Few minutes later, he traded me again:



Instantly I thought to myself “this guy is not just regular
low’er’ level asking for free items. (Other wise he wouldn’t trade me twice).
Didn’t take what he said seriously (about giving away his stuff)
But he got the meso he wanted.


As the story goes on, somehow we were talking
and he was telling me that he’s going to spend his last day
by taking that Pineapple Chew (+Att) and do some dmg
at Ant Tunnel. He asked me if I wanted to watch.
(I was at Ludi)
I agreed and traveled from Ludi to Victoria Island.

We had some good talk and I got to know him better



After getting DC’ed on ship 3 times, I bought VIP Teleport rock
and headed straight to his map because I felt bad for him waiting =/


So there he was, a lvl 4x Theif going to enjoy his last moment in MS.


When his attack potion ran out, (told me max dmg was 888)
He traded me and really stripped naked and gave me all his equipments.

Clean Maple Claw, 3 Stars, and his armors which are bought from NPC.




Those items don’t really worth much to me.

But after this incident,

I was thinking..

If I deny his second trade and moved on,
I would miss this opportunity to get to know this dude
and (to some level) become friends.

I don’t know…


This is the story that I “bought” with 450k.

And I think there’s something behind it
that I can’t articulate at the moment.




B0WJOB’s lvl 130 Ranger Video: Released



24 Responses to A 450k Story

  1. iBerzerk says:

    wow, things like that dont happen too often, but i’m always glad when i meet people like this :\
    i think this is what maplestory is all about
    regards, josh =)

  2. urbanways says:

    after i read that story all i had was a grin on my face and a awkwardly mushy feeling inside lol. I think what you did was really nice and letting somebody enjoy his very last moments in MS and letting them have fun while doing is incredible.

    There were many moments that I kind of had the same feelings towards MS and wanting to quit like he did but after seeing that there really are people like you and the level 40 sin around it really makes MS seem like less of a ignorant game.

    Even though i no longer play MS because recently my account got hacked, after reading this story you changed my feelings about comming back and for that i thank you deeply. This just shows that people that are low level can still be great people and sometimes when people beg its because they really need it.

    Thanks alot

  3. Skye says:

    This story was really sweet. I’m not all that high leveled, but I have been playing since beta closed. There were really nice pros back then, but now with NX and scrolls and everything, they all have huge egos.

    I’m glad you gave the money to that guy, and took the time to talk to him. I usually give low levels a boost if I’m not in a hurry somewhere. And I’m glad the world still has nice people around like you.

  4. B0WJOB says:

    yea….. 450k isnt small money to randomly give away to anyone..
    but im glad i did it..

    there are nicer people >_<

  5. […] Posted in at 6:44 pm by Jackk Hmmm, so I was recently looking at Josh’s blog and I came across this: https://b0wjob.wordpress.com/2007/08/21/a-450k-story/ […]

  6. DeeJayN says:

    I guess there are nice people in MS still…nice story.

  7. NovaDream says:

    I wish there would be more ppl like that.You don’t get to see ppl like that so often yuo know.

  8. B0WJOB says:

    yeah. imagine having 100 of those people
    and i get 450k from each of them. lol >:3

  9. xmomox says:

    you’re so sweet. :]

    marry me ♥

  10. Retawded says:

    heyy josH!!!
    tat was a touchinn storyyyy =/
    happy for you. yur so nice

  11. Red says:

    So there’s still hope.

  12. dbzkado says:

    sorry momo hes mine >=D

    just kidding, im not gay

  13. dbzkado says:

    nice story =D

  14. matt says:

    haha i was mcleod23.. i loved meeting this guy and i now speak to him on messenger good luck with everything you do on maplestory man i forgot to mention im not just a noob i had another account on khaini lv 109 but my friend had previously sold it before atk pots came out and i rly wanted to see them. 🙂

  15. matt says:

    just to prove im not a bulshitter… bowjob its me coz ill leave you the details to that mcleod23 because i dont want it and most my friends quit

    ID: tranee
    password: 1371991
    there you go man

  16. phoenixaura says:

    It makes me wish chews were 80 attack.

    Theres an innocent guy sitting behind every character, and more than one wants to enjoy their last day of maplestory before school makes them quit.

    Inspiring story, even though I have barely 2mil.

  17. matt says:

    hey josh man. how r ya doin did i tell you i wwas azn too. azn pryde, worldwyde bro catcha later man. ahahah i went onto all the accounts i had which werent actually mine and deleted them from the nexon site. sorry poor guys =(

  18. leona says:

    zomg you are such a nice person… and that dude… it rly brought a tear to my eye T__T
    and i do agree. high lvls looking down on others… the world is too superficial, even in a virtual game…

  19. itay... says:


    I read this story and I still cannot belive it…with my thief I had a serious problem he was level 24 only… but powerful items =D and with powerful items not level 50 stuff (witch I had)I mean level 75+ stuff and not on or two items I was having lots….. untill i putted them in a trade and someone put items just like mine somehow and pressed trade he said the same…. well I saw that one of his level 88 shirts had 3 more magic def so i pressed ok and all my items disapear with all my money, ect, use and my money (159 mil) now I am a sin level 24 with kumbi icy hes ok but never be happy with him again…=( if someone got a way how to get items as i had without buying them… I will be hapy to hear and last thing the once that stole mine items banded we for 2 mothes.. at least now I can play. Thanks for reading this if u did ( sry if i got crazy bored after this =( ima bad writer)and thanks to who help me im in kahini… bye for now….

  20. itay... says:


    Ok this is realy inportent

    my freind level 103 has been stolen and i try to get the pins but i canot =(
    plz try to figure out the ping..

    pin:plz figure it =( and tell me

  21. MY BOW KILLS says:

    that was so nice that i almost cried. T_T it is nice to know that there are people in maple story like u. please tell me wat lv u r now and if u still play MS. thank u and once again i almost cried T_T.
    Your Fellow Archer

    Even it’s internet, behind the characters are real people…
    Thank you for your comment.
    I am lvl 130 and plays in Khaini. I am online quite frequently but usually im AFK.
    If you ever stop by Khaini feel free to track me and have a talk or something as long as
    im not afk :p

  22. iherol says:

    so awesomely kind!

    we are all capable of good and evil

    i stopped blogging posts on this kind of things.

  23. buy mesos says:

    Interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence 🙂

  24. Letmewatchthis…

    i admire what you have performed here. i enjoy the half exactly where you say you are engaging in this to give back again but i would suppose by all the responses that is operating for you as perfectly. do you have any much more information on this?…

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